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From the beginning, Castlevania The games have a variety of systems for special weapons and attacks that players can use. From swords and crosses to magic, this can be the way to go Castlevania game to describe itself. The Dual Set-Up System, or DSS, how Round of the Moon he chose to fix this plant. The problem, however, is that this system is not as well -defined or intuitive as most, so many players end up with this valuable resource to be used in their playthrough.

Round of the Moon was first released in 2001 and, most recently, is a part of Castlevania Advanced Collection. The DSS uses two of the 10 cards that can be earned by defeating specific enemies around the castle. Through the MP meter charged by the hearts found in the castle objects can be shattered like torches.

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The first thing players have to do before using DSS is to draw a card from each set. The first, the Action set, was revealed by the Roman gods. The second is the Attribute set, which is described by the historians. Taken together, this creates unique effects for players to use. Then, players can simply select one card from each set by moving the selector over the card indicating the desired result. Each end uses a portion of the MP meter either passively or each time it is raised. Once used, each team will not tell the player what its outcome will be, so some teams in the experiment will need to know its exact outcome.

While Action cards determine the nature of the effect when using DSS, Mercury cards add elemental levels to the strike. Venus changes the player’s stats (attack and defense) in various ways. Jupiter creates preventive effects such as healing, damage reduction, or areas-of-damage around the user. Mars allows anyone to exchange their whip with an elemental weapon, including a gun combined with a black dog.

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Diana launches an elemental projectile when using the strike. Apollo launches explosives to throw down enemies. Neptune creates full elemental defense and returns 10 percent of the damage taken. Saturn creates a habit that follows the player around. Uranus summons a monster to launch an attack to hit each enemy on the shield for a high MP cost. Pluto has a variety of effects, such as turning the user into a real one or increasing the knowledge gained by twenty percent.

Attribute cards are easier because they are tied to something in the game, but they decide how the Action card will play out. Salamander to fire, snake to snow, Mandragora to plant, and Golem to earth. Cockatrice is the Rock, Manticore is the Poison, Griffin is the wind, and Thunderbird is the Lightning/Thunder. The last two are the Unicorn, which is captured in the Holy Grail, and the black dog, which is black.

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