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As the 8th best-selling manga of 2021, it’s an Eisner Award-nominated bestseller Kiu x OhanaThe anime has been considered a popular transformation among fans of the original Shonen Jump since its inception.

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The first of the new story was released on April 9, so fans and newcomers alike are continuing to talk about the start of the show, coming together to share their experiences. their thoughts on reshaping the Reddit creative landscape. With more than 500 views in the first hour of the show’s release, it’s fair to say that a lot of Redditors are talking about the new Spy series.

10 A unique anime to remember

For those unfamiliar with the concept of this new but popular anime series, a fun and accountable adventure is necessary to build a family in order to complete a missionary, without the knowledge of his daughter and wife. to choose is completely different.

Reddit user, thisperson345, reacted to the first episode saying “Ngl … Kind of already in love with this anime, I mean the premise is just so unique, he spy and his adopted telepathic child.” They continued to say “Plus Anya is cute asf and Twilight is baddass and they have very wholesome chemistry, I can see myself really admiring this anime.”

9 The Righteous Company

SPY x FAMILY Driving a car

The remake of the new anime features elements of the original manga, with action -packed detectives actually blasting the screen in the first few minutes of the show until the event continues. .

Reddit user WhoiusBarrel shared their thoughts on this post “It’s a great combination of goodness, humor and action without any sense of place.”. They followed this motto “Pacing is great and I am very happy with the result of this episode 1!”.


8 One of the strongest first pieces, ever


With so many manga stories and serious anime out there, it can be hard for a series to establish itself among these so -called giant anime. After watching the first part of Kiu x Ohana Fans agreed that the report had previously reported.

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A Reddit user who deleted their opinion reported in the previous article saying “This has been the most powerful thing I’ve seen in an anime, period. This first piece isn’t deceptive. Create an idea with speed and clarity. “. They kept saying “it’s on its way to becoming this year’s memorable anime (maybe)!”.

7 Great Hope

While it’s one of the biggest manga branches of 2020 and 2021, it’s the 9th and 8th selling best manga branches of the year, it’s no surprise that fans want to see it. an anime change for a while. It’s a big deal from the manga that’s almost intended for fans.

Reddit user GlansEater shared their thoughts saying “I had great ideas going into this and seeing how fun the original theme was, but they broke!

6 You are not bound by ideas

SPY x OHANA Young Young

Although this story is a humorous story, it was seen by the fans for the first time to convey deep feelings in the game with the comedians, which was much admired by many of its fans.

Reddit user Dalamy19 responded to the new story saying “I think this is a story that will pull you in with murder and punish you with intentions. It might be wrong to try to bring it back. he’s in the parent’s nursing home. “

5 They arrest Anya

Anya looked at the photo booth in front, her eyes wide

It can often be difficult to change the minds of readers, the more time readers spend with images, the more they form their perceptions about what it means. But fans seem to agree Kiu x Ohana he can go beyond these thoughts.

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Reddit user aohige_rd shared their response saying “My GOD they made NAIL Anya. Like, it sounds right when I think about reading the pages. They kicked.” most of the transition from tobacco! “.

4 Animation Smooth

Loid tore up a newspaper in anger

There aren’t just two studios at the head of this new anime series, Wit Studio (the former Attack Titan studio with me The Vinland Saga) and CloverWorks (That which is not sworn a Bunny Senpai’s daughter) the show previously received praise for its excellent animation.

Reddit user, ARealYuriConnoisseur, praised the animation by saying “Why is the animation so easy ?! I like that the photo box locks sometimes, the camera at first glance Even in small moments like sprinkling coffee on the newspaper. “. Some people agree that small details really add to the overall experience.

3 Humorous And good

Loid takes a shopping spree and Anya falls asleep

While the show focuses on the characters, the action, and the heartbeat, there are some good and good moments, from the very beginning, that may surprise some new characters going into the anime. .

Reddit user TechToTravis shared this by saying “I just heard this anime is funny, but I didn’t know it was very good! It looks and looks like someone else. one in a way. “

2 The next big name

Loid and ʻAnya

In addition, while it may be time to compete in the upcoming amazing anime stories, fans are convinced that this series stands in its own right and is one of the biggest titles in the future. of the year.

Reddit user LeonKevlar shared their thoughts on the new story saying “As a manga reader, this is one of my most awaited shows this season and mine it can be said that Studio WIT and CloverWorks really gave! “. They followed this up, saying, “They’ve captured the essence of these two characters … That last scene touched my heart a little.” In closing, they added, “This is the big name of Spring 2022.”

1 You will not be disappointed

Yor held the bleeding knife, staring at the camera

While it’s been a big morning for the anime, with only a handful of episodes released so far and more to come, the anime has received a lot of admiration since its inception. as well as fans, long manga and new anime fans, as if combined. The fun in the show so far and the negative comments about the show are small and far between.

Reddit user My_neutered_cat shared their thoughts, saying “I jumped on this show because people said it was too good. Glad to know I wasn’t abused.”

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