Recorded a Sim Dating Spotlights on the black page of Otome games

Stick in a Sim Dating It’s a new sequel anime title of the Spring 2022 anime season, joining a series of video game series such as My life as a whole was miserable a Great King. Excitedly, Click SimLeon Bartfort is the underdog player who finds himself in the all -around, an automatic game set with some Last thought weapons thrown in.

The series promises some sci-fi / fantasy action in the future, but now its focus is on the autobiography, where Leon will navigate a world dominated by a woman. so that intimacy and personal control are universal. These show how some players feel about the hidden dark side of automotive games in general.

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The dark side of Otome games in Isekai Anime

It is easy for any player in real life or anime series to appreciate the benefits of being a video game hero. The events of the story are well -publicized and give them lasting happiness, even though games are a form of escape where the player is expected to win after overcoming fun challenges. However, the events were not fun for the parties, who ended in death or at least their planning and personal lives. But there is no reason for the player to care, even if they get what they want.

anime isekai related games like My life as a whole was miserable a Stick in a Sim Dating change everything by throwing the evil hero into an automated game world as a side -by -side – or as a kind of evil villain. This encourages the soldiers to see the game world in a new light, and none of them have the armor to defend themselves.

In fact, Bad stuff The protagonist Katarina Claes has flags of punishment hoisted over her – the overthrow of the shield – and strives to restore everyone’s lives to avoid its unfortunate consequences. Even so, Click SimLeon was not born again as Olivia’s heroine, but as a normal third child, but a kind of backgorund. He had no weapons or honor to his name and saw himself in the throes of the events of the autobiography.

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When the otome heroine is happy, it is easy to forget the problems and problems of the side -by -side style, such as a rejected lover or a captive guilt. Such as My life as a whole was miserable, Stick in a Sim Dating reveals the ugliness and tragedy of the otome game’s story when the events aren’t right for the heroine.

Instead of a love affair about the heroine choosing her lover, Click Sim depicting an entire forest where young men and women compete for every deception they see. Bad girls and tough boys are everywhere, with threats, abuse, deceit, jealousy, unkind fights and bad love triangles the way the day is.

When everyone is fighting over a loved one with their future, these wild students will stand in for nothing and more and more hearts will break. The images of the Otome games will soon be ruined when the ideal field and weapons of the great story collapse. People like Katarina and Leon find themselves in the middle of everything.

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How can Leon be locked into a Sim friend for life

An anime is a common concept where the OP hero can use their great skills, magic or weapons to defeat their enemies and go their way. That is not the case either Stick in a Sim DatingLeon, who finds himself in the middle of an autistic dream.

Last thought There are a lot of fighting skills in this game, and Leon needs to become a better hero to compete and have a happy ending in the sea of ​​girls and intimate relationships. He has to train his soft skills to survive in this fighting system where interpersonal relationships and power are stronger than mecha clothes, even though his opponents are locked up.

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As a kind of “mob” back then, Leon faces the best aspects of an automated game without the need for a heroine – in this case, Olivia. In fact, Olivia herself seemed tired, and three parts to the show, she didn’t say or do much to make progress as she stood in school. When the weapons and the right stories are removed, everything becomes tax free for all, and that is the only thing Leon can do to survive.

Fortunately, he already knew who and what was in the game, he was able to capture his poor health and give him an unexpected edge. If he can press that right and apply the rules of this ottoman, he can succeed behind all. Leon has to use every last ounce of his skills to defeat the bad girls in their own game – and he has to keep working. Stick in a Sim Dating a good watch.

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