Kakegurui introduces new English language broadcasters to release home videos

Kakegurui XX has a Blu-ray home video release courtesy of Sentai Filmworks, featuring its independent English dub of the anime series. Sentai Filmworks will offer a Blu-ray home video release of Kakegurui Season 2, featuring his independent English dub. According to an official announcement from Sentai Filmworks, the English dub has been shown to different … Read more

What we know now

It was founded by the Pacific Rim film property and produced by a Japanese-American company. The Pacific Rim: Black is an anime series on the internet. The Netflix story was produced and co -written by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle, and will launch on March 4, 2021, on the streaming service. You can’t grow old … Read more

Spy X Family is what we wanted

I’ve spent most of the last few months watching the humiliating shonen anime where a lot of people have died. Needless to say, I wanted something fun, beautiful, and most importantly, very funny. I was so ready to host someone like that Kiu x OhanaIt’s a comedy-action anime about a spy who has to reunite … Read more

Attack on Titan Director explains how an Anime All-Star team is working on Netflix’s Bubble

Attack TitanTetsuro Araki lives with My nameGenki Kawamura discusses how they teamed up with a stellar team of anime characters to help make Wit Studio’s first anime film. Swell on Netflix. As reported by Anime News Network, it was featured in a recent video Swell The product came after Araki, the director of the film, … Read more