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The result involves a full and fit group as the Byrde family pleaded for their independence last time.

This recap of Netflix’s Ozark season 4, episode 14, “A Hard Way to Go” – the last 2 episodes explained – has the irony..

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All the vows, hard agreements, and cold -blooded murders that led to the masses now. Was it rich for the Byrde family? Independence is the ultimate goal. The last few steps allow them to enjoy a sinless new life. The latter provides plenty of food for thought if the Byrde family has independence.

ʻOzark season 4, section 14 recap – explains the last 2 and final section

The final scene unfolds with Ruth closing the grave dug for the death cartel member, Nelson, on the construction site, whom Rachel had killed the night before. He hallucinates and sees Wyatt in front of him, looking at him with a simple expression. In the event, he continues to see Wyatt, almost as if he were in the future, but as if seeing him comforting the character. Marty searches the construction site and asks Ruth to help bring her children back, or he will kill her by telling Camila that he killed Javi. Marty is a terrifying monster.

Then Marty met Camila; it shows him the financial records that he can access now. He also confirmed that the FBI had agreed to extradite Omar. He told her that if Omar was killed during the move, “that would be the end,” that is, he would be killed so that he could take full control of the cartel. Camila wants to meet with the FBI before the campaign begins.

Ruth went to Wendy at the medallion. He tells Wendy that he can’t control the children staying with him and wants to promise her the rest if she does his part. Wendy swore to him. Ruth agreed that if she had left Ben in the morgue, he would still be alive.

So Ruth goes to Wendy’s father, Nathan, and asks them to drink. The subject quickly turns to Ruth’s relationship with Ben. Ruth tells Nathan that she won over Wendy by finding Charlotte and Jonah – he’s trying to calm her down. Then he asked Nathan what he would do when he saw that Charlotte was a mini-Wendy and Jonah was a mini-Marty. Nathan was easygoing, so Ruth complained to him for not giving a “flying f ** k” about the kids. He did not think he really wanted to take care of them. Nathan tells her to leave, but Ruth points a gun at him and tells Jonah and Charlotte not to go with him. Charlotte and Jonah walk in the door to see what’s unfolding.

So Charlotte and Jonah visit their mother, Wendy, at the meditation center. Wendy admitted what she was doing was confused; She admits that Ben died because of her and tries to protect them both. He gave them the freedom to do what they wanted and promised not to trap them. The children decide to stay with the family. Wendy may not be telling the truth here out of context; for children, having the freedom to think and act for themselves is what they always wanted.

After Wendy turned her children around, they drove home together as a family, listening to beautiful soul music and taking the audience back to the scene we saw in the beginning. Wendy was happy to have her children back to talk to. Marty about their plans coming together. Wendy told her children 48 hours before they moved on to their new lives. However, Marty lost consciousness and nearly hit a car – the car turned to the side of the road. Marty can go first, then his children. However, Wendy was not good at first responding; His breath was soft and he needed to be pulled by Marty. Wendy regained her balance, and the whole family relaxed.

When they returned home, Father Benitez explained to Wendy and Marty that Omar Navarro wanted to see them because of Nelson’s disappearance. He then told Wendy that their last piece of advice was to have a car accident. Wendy was called a guarantee that they would survive.

Marty asked Ruth if Nelson was buried under his pond, and his expression confirmed that he was dead. Marty is angry and gives Ruth a new life where she can start clean, but she says she likes her name. Ruth wanted to know if Omar Navarro would go safely. Marty tells Ruth that the FBI wants proofs that the money will be laundered through the casino and asks her to attend the meeting.

Wendy and Marty meet Omar in prison. He tells them he thinks he is his sister Camila after trying his life. He wanted them to call a number that someone could “keep” for him. Omar wanted to kill his sister. He thinks Camila was behind Nelson’s murder. After all, with the SDN list, Omar asks Marty to return to Mexico to make sure everything is in order for the final project.

However, Camila joins the FBI with Wendy and Marty. They confirmed that Omar Navarro was moving (and had been killed in transit). And Ruth and Rachel came. Ruth wants to forgive Rachel from the FBI before the meeting starts because of her treatment. The FBI issued strict testimonial agreements for Ruth and Rachel, but Camila’s agreement was “verbal and non -verbal.”

Later, Wendy meets her father, Nathan. She explains that the site is volunteering to find Ben and guide him on board. Wendy tells him she has everything she wants -a sad father, money, and position in the church, but the situation can’t hurt her. Wendy insists her new life is not in danger.

Celebrating the success of the FBI deal and money for the site, the casino is hosting a party. Jim told Wendy that he now had a list of seniors who would like to join their teacher. He told her this time the field was bombed. Wendy asked Senator Schafe to leave the party and asked her people in Michigan and Wisconsin to pull out her voting machines. She didn’t need him, and she wanted to clean up. At this point, Omar’s conversion may have been final, but the offending master is not sure where he was taken.

Camila congratulates Marty and Wendy at the party and tells Clare that she is happy to be here. He asked Clare if she could remember anything from the day her son died. Camila goes to Clare’s story with a beautiful tooth and tells her she’s about to take over her brother’s job – she gives him one chance to tell him something new. and he shall forgive him, or if he shall find out that he has taken care of him afterward, he shall be put to death. Clare sits under pressure and tells Camila that Ruth Langmore has killed Javi. This is how the world looks to the end. The Byrde family was almost able to function without any injuries.

Camila looks at Wendy and Marty, realizing they are close to Ruth, and tells them that she will kill them all if they tell the girl. Ruth’s life is on the line. Marty and Wendy are confused but can’t do anything. Clare forgave Marty for looking at her angrily.

Wendy stops hyperventilates and drives the options to find a way to save Ruth, but Marty thinks it’s an impossible choice because what they’re going to do is murder. Ruth immediately left the party. Wendy tells Marty she is afraid of losing him because of this, but he assures her not. He was worried he couldn’t stand it. In the end, the love between Wendy and Marty is strong, despite the nature of the trials.

When Omar Navarro was unloading, his car stopped. One of the officers killed the pilot and told him to board the plane. However, when Omar left, the officer fired his gun. Omar saw that his room was empty, and he was shot and killed. Not Omar.

Ruth returned to her place, and she saw a chariot standing outside. When he looked, there was no one inside. Camila was seen coming from the forest with a gun in her hand. Ruth knew that Camila had killed Javi. Ruth told Camila she would not regret it because her son was a “murderer.” Camila grabs her gun, and Ruth tells her to do it. And so it was, and Ruth fell. This was a time when the fans were angry, but they couldn’t help it. Ruth did just as she had hoped. He killed himself, swearing to the one who was pointing the gun at him. He refused to die out of fear.

The finale returns to the party, and Wendy and Marty are like the saddest people there as they go to the stage to give a speech. They have created a new life for their children, a safer life, but what is the price? Ruth was in cold blood. He trusted this family very much. The cost of the Byrde family living in the Ozarks being a mountain is a source of death and grief. And while Marty and Wendy are telling each other how much they love each other, they see how many people they have brought with them to come here.

The result

However, outside their home in the Ozarks stands Mel Sattem as the final whistle tries to melt away with a final whistle. This man has irritated them all season. He apologized for breaking into their home and told them he could not do his job at Chicago PD because he only cared about the Byrde family. He took the cookie jar from their house and wondered why there were no cookies. He sees inside as a witness – Ben’s ashes. Ben’s DNA. Marty and Wendy offer to pay him, but Mel doesn’t want their money – he tells them they can’t win because “the world doesn’t work like it.” But there’s a common strategy in season 4 where Wendy competes globally – she’s competing with the family’s death prediction, thinking she’s not right there. He asks Mel why the world can’t be what they want.

Then his opinion was confirmed. Jonah held a shotgun at Mel Sattem and thought – Wendy laughed, realizing her family was stronger than ever. The screen turned black, and a shot was heard. We can assume that Jonah killed Mel.

The result involves a full and fit group as the Byrde family pleaded for their independence last time.

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