NHL Standings: Last Week

It was the best time of the year for hockey fans – the result of the seven -month marathon known as the NHL regular season was the result. Sports games are just around the corner when teams compete for the Lord Stanley’s Cup and sign their names in immortal hockey.

For the Eastern Team, it will be fun when the teams start one last time to improve their competitive position in the remaining games. Here are this morning’s conditions.

Let’s take a look at the week for sports teams:


#1 Carolina (3-0-0, Games Remaining: @NYI, @NYR, NJ): The Hurricanes are back from some slippery weeks to get back on track this week. That’s not the most beautiful thing-they lost 2-0 to New Jersey yesterday before coming back to win 3-2 in the OT, but the win now is crucial no matter what, even though the Rangers lost yesterday to innings. Carolina in the car seat for the division. The big game with the Rangers on Tuesday was to anoint the Canes in the division with a win, with the Canes hoping to keep their business today with NYI.

#2 NY Rangers (2-1-0, GR: CAR, MTL, WSH): The ground was bitten yesterday at the hands of the Bruins in New York’s fourth straight win. Now, they have the privilege of a two -day break to prepare for the Hurricanes and the game is in New York, where the Rangers have been the strongest this season. Will those help the rest of that competition? The Rangers need to win that game in regulation and get help to pass Carolina in the final week of the season.

#3 Pittsburgh (2-0-0. GR: @PHI, EDM, CBJ): The four -day vacation last week seems to have really helped the Penguins. The Pens are seen again and play two big games this week, replacing Boston and then running all over Detroit. The Oilers have played very well these days (8-1-1 in the last 10), but other games are looking like they are winning as NHL games could fall apart by help keep the Pens in a third place.

Wild Card #2 Washington (2-0-1, GR: TOR, NYI, @NYI, @NYR): The Caps won a 3-2 win over Colorado this week and completed last season’s West Coast tour. Now they are back in the East, and have two games this week against the Islanders who are falling fast, as if they were about to give up, sealed by two tough games against to Toronto and the Rangers.


#1 Florida (4-0-0, GR: TAM, @BOS, @OTT, @MTL): Another good week for the Cats, they have up to 13 straight wins and could tie the 1992-93 Penguins with a 17-game winning streak if they win. Florida won three undefeated teams at the start of the week, then bounced back from a 2-0 win last night against Toronto, and came back to finish with a 3-2 OT victory. . Two tough games to start the week, but the Panthers had the highest score in the East but were rolled.

#2 Toronto (2-1-1, GR: @WSH, DET, BOS): The worst result of the week was likely to be Tampa’s 8-1 win over Toronto on Friday, a game that left the Leafs far behind. The good news for them is that Auston Matthews returned yesterday after missing the first few games with an injury. Toronto’s game has been low for the past 10 days, with second place in the division highly held for some time.

#3 Tampa Bay (2-1-0, GR: @FLA, CBJ, @CBJ, @NYI): Yes, I’m lying, the most horrible result of the week was probably the low-key Red Wings that beat the Lightning 4-3 in the editing on Tuesday night. That loss seems to have been fueled by TB – since then they have defeated two of the best teams (Toronto and Nashville) by a combined score of 14-3 in their last two games. With the TOR/TB first round almost certain, the 8-1 strike will re-enter everyone’s minds when we enter the playoffs.

Wild Card #1 Boston (2-1-0, GR @MTL, FLA, BUF, @TOR): Losing the Pens was a shame and costly in the race to try and stay with Tampa. But the good news for them was that Boston bounced back with a 3-1 win over NYR and welcomed David Pastrnak from injury (who scored the goal) and Linus Ullmark (who got the win. ). Boston replaces the former Wild Card area, as well as a series of games against the Metropolitan District Capitals.

Serious games of the week

Today: Tampa @ Florida, Toronto @ Washington, Carolina @ NYI, Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia
Tuesday: Carolina @ NY Rangers, Florida @ Boston, NYI @ Washington, Edmonton @ Pittsburgh
Poaha: Washington @ NYI,
Friday: Columbus @ Pittsburgh, Boston @ Toronto, Washington @ NY Rangers

—The week will begin with big games today and tomorrow to mark the run. Then, the week ends until Friday, the last day of the season where multiple levels are decided (Metro 1, 2, 3 and Wild Cards).

The Penguin analogy

Here’s what some examples have to say this morning about how Pittsburgh’s national team will be looking:

Athletic: Playoff opponents before yesterday’s win: 49% Florida time, 26% Rangers, 25% Hurricanes

Moneypuck: 50% third place Metro, 9% Wild Card #1, 41% Wild Card 2

Pens and Caps have a deadly heat under the hood. Pittsburgh “will protect their own destiny” if you want to leave that way for third place, if they win and don’t need more chances / shots to do so, they’re in the driver’s seat and take RW and ROW tiebreakers if necessary. The losses for Pittsburgh or Washington will change problems quickly – and can be devastating.

The winner of the Pens/Caps race looks to be facing the top seed in Florida in the first round and will have to jump the Atlantic brackets, which is a result that has been avoided for many reasons.

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