NewFilmmakers Los Angeles announces nominees for Best of Awards

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles has announced the nominees for the 10th annual Best of NFMLA Awards.

The NFMLA is a non -profit organization that supports filmmakers and artists through a series of screenings and monthly events in Los Angeles. The nominees for its Best of NFMLA slate were films that were recorded as part of the NFMLA Monthly Film Festival selected in 2021. This year, the awards honor 125 voters in the regions 16, with implementations of models, documents, briefs, experimental media. and the best new movie gift.

“We are very proud to be able to showcase the tremendous talent of all of our constituents, who have made every effort,” NFMLA planning director Bojana Sandic said in a statement.

$ 15,000 was awarded to nominate the Best of NFMLA winner, an event that began last year to celebrate the career of recently -deceased producer Anthony Rhulen, founder of indie production company FilmEngine.

“We were able to provide these funds for the first time starting in 2021 to honor the Walter and Judy Rhulen Family Foundation, to continue celebrating the beloved Anthony, winning over new storytellers and independent cinemas, ”NFMLA director and co-founder Larry Laboe said in a statement. “In last year’s donations, these funds were given to support filmmakers such as Alberto Belli and Rami Kodeih. We are excited to be creating a new album in the name of Anthony and the Rhulen family in 2022 to continue supporting different voices.

See the full list of nominees for the best NFMLA awards below.

Alberto and the Forest.
“Run Down”
“White Elephant”

Document feature
“A La Calle”
“A New Day in Paradise”
“From here”
“One Pint at a Time”
Playland USA

Document feature
“A Syrian woman”
“Walk in the Righteousness”
Lockdown Lunch Club
“Miss Curvy”
“They growl so we shout.”
“This is the way we wake up”
“Why didn’t you stay for me?”
“Women of the World”

New media and experimentation
“A Machine for Boredom”
“Femme Queen Chronicles – Chapter One: The Clock”
“Sons of the Sun”
“Last Black Man”
“Livin ‘in the Light”
Sarah Mary Chadwick ‘Full Mood’
“The Grief Cube”
“The lights are on, nobody has a house”
“The worst”
“Pahana Zeta”

Short Animated
“After a disaster”
“Things in my house”
“Little Miss Fate”
“The Hui Aloha Aloha”
“Ma Wenlock Edge”
“Souvenir Souvenir”
“Fire next time”

Earth shattering
“In the Back”
“Egg Rebelled”
“Permanent Security”
“Online Friends”
“The Birth of Valerie Venus”

World show
“An Uninvited Guest”
“Garbage Man”
“In Orbit”
“In this land we are short -lived spirits”
“Marlon Brando”
“The Leaving”
“The fans”
“Under the Sky (Seiva Bruta)”

Short Drama
“Run at sunset”
“At last”
“In France Michelle is a man’s name”
“Mino: A Diasporic Story”
“Sweet Potato”
“Two bears”
“The yellow girl and me”

Short Comedy
“Decision Making”
“Like friends”
“I make good voices at parties”
“Litany is Mr. President ”
“I need to love the pie”
“My First Native American Husband”
“The Occult Child”
“They go at night”
“Two week notice”

Alex Greenlee: “Intrepidus”
Arnold Mwanjila: “Taliya”
Ashunda Norris: “Mino: A Diasporic Story”
Em Weinstein: “In France Michelle is a man’s name”
Eric Brewster and JJ Shpall: “Date Nite”
Federico Torrado Toban: “Yoruga”
Richard Gretsky: “A flower in the night”
Roberto Saieh: “The Ruth”
Rommel Villa Barriga: “The sweet potato”
Thessa Meijer: “Nervous”

Hana, Keaka
Ari Damasco: “In France Michelle is a man’s name”
Ayinde Howell: “August”
Dior Wilson: “The yellow girl and me”
Jericho Rosales: “Garbage Man”
Kazem Hashem Zadeh: “The Elders”
Marcelia Cartaxo: “Pacarrete”
Nora El Koussour: “Nervous”
Alexander’s Journey: “Juliet”
Richard Walters: “An uninvited guest”
Shakira Barrera: “Huella”

Drama, Comedy
Ahya Simone: “Femme Queen Chronicles – Episode One: The Clock”
Alejandro Santoni: “Alberto and the Concrete forest”
Alex Urbom: “They go at night”
Amanda McQueen: “Becca”
Bill Tangradi: “They go at night”
Dominic Best: “Litany is Mr. President”
Jaime Lyn Beatty: “The Chosen Runner”
Jane Guernier: “The Birth of Valerie Venus”
Josh Brener: “Date Nite”
Russell Goldman: “I make good voices at parties”

Benjamin Schindler
Bruno Gaeta
Dewun Owusu
Luke Sargent
Matt Edwards

Movie editing
Adithya Sambamurthy and Nathan Caswell
Christina Antonakos-Wallace and Aletta Von Vietinghoff
Isao Furugori
Ramiel Petros
Richelle Van Loon

Sound design
O Dan Golden
Jose Pablo Ramirez
Marc Cartwright
Sam Fan
Vasily Lebedev

Daniel Norman, Sholto Kynoch and Brodsky Quartet (Gina McCormack, Ian Belton, Paul Cassidy and Jacqueline Thomas)
Fred Silveira
Kevin Sargent
Hello Kostet

In addition to announcing the nominees, NFMLA also announced that jurors will vote to determine the winners of this year’s awards. The jury will include: Alex Villalta of TriStar Television, writer and producer Anthony Sparks, Antonio D’Intino of Circle of Confusion, Bettina Fisher of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Bronwen Carter of HBO, Caellum Allan o TriStar Pictures, Caleb Ward o Highland Film Group, Cameron Cubbison o Zero Gravity Management, Casey Meurer o HBO Max, Charlotte Lichtman o ICM Partners, Charnay Mather o Anonymous Content, Chris Gray o Freestyle Digital Media, Christine Davila o Ojala Productions (UCP ), Daniela Gonzalez of Good Fearless, writer and director Dinh Thai, Elyse Findley of Disney Television Animation, documentary filmmaker Emily Cohen Ibañez, Hajnal Molnar-Szakacs of Sundance Institute, filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad, HFPA President Helen Hoehne, Ivonne Cotorruelo of the Cleveland International Film Festival. , Janne Barklis, Mark Hartogsohn and Sean Barclay of the Gersh Agency, Jazz Tangcay of DifferentJessica Zou of Verve, Kim Williams and Kristi Shuton of Walt Disney Television, Mike Wheet of Samsung TV, Mona Xia of Netflix, Nic Cha Kim of PBS SoCal and KCET, Ozi Menakaya of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Rachel Jones of Starz, Ryan Bernstein of Endeavor Content, Sandino Moya-Smith of MetroGoldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and Tamika Lamison of DGA/AICP’s Commercial Directors Diversity Program.

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