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Other than that, flaky beliefs and a path of criminal activity are just part of the cast list for the new Netflix series “Bad Vegan: Famous. Deceptive. Fugitives.,” From Chris Smith , the producer of “Tiger King” and the director of “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.”

The fourth episode is Sarma Melngailis, first known as “it” restaurateur after New York’s Pure Food and Wine, where celebrities are kicked out of the kitchen. The first employees show a good work ethic and work.

But that was before Melngailis became friends with a mysterious stranger named Shane Fox, whom she met on Twitter. Soon he was known to hold on to her like Rasputin, promising him that if he followed all his commands, he would soon find fame and fortune. He promised her that she would be able to help keep her cattle, Leon, alive.

The wedding led to the theft of the restaurant’s treasury, and the theft of up to $ 2 million. Their lives will end in a flight with officials closing their motel room in Tennessee. Surprisingly, their location and knowledge is given by having a single credit card – to take to Domino’s Pizza.

• “Beyond the Edge” (8 pm, CBS, TV-14) invites nine celebrities to Panama and promises us that things will be “serious.”

Celebrities have been wearing “Survivor” -type shenanigans for most of this century, so the “serious” ones are seen as more obvious. If you think about it, no one will allow Metta World Peace to starve or suffer for our happiness. But people don’t look at stories like “Beyond the Edge” to think.

That said, it gives the player a good chance as someone to “think” about what is considered popular these days or at least how the celebrity will pull off. eyes on real television.

The collection is not known to fans of “Dancing With the Stars.” With the NBA’s World Peace, the NFL was replaced by Ray Lewis and Mike Singletary. Two national players, Lauren Alaina and Craig Morgan. Paulina Porizkova was the model in 1980, and actress Jodie Sweetin from “Full House.” Surprisingly, Alaina, whose career is outside of her famous “American Idol,” is only two of the nine from reality television: “Real Housewife” Eboni K. Williams and “Bachelor” Colton Underwood.

• Starting today, all of the Marvel stories based on Netflix, including “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage,” will move to Disney +, where they can be streamed with other Marvel products. Some thought some of these groups were more mature in theory than other Disney characters.


• The patient’s marriage encourages Taylor to think about her romantic interests on “Chicago Med” (7 pm, NBC, TV-14).

• “Nature” (7 pm, PBS, r, TV-PG, watch local listings) follows Chinese pandas to their own habitat.

• Cruz raises a friend with a young guest on “Chicago Fire” (8 pm, NBC, TV-14).

• The bloodshed in New York may have been fueled by speculation on the “FBI” (9 pm, CBS, r, TV-14).

• A half-customer alibi on “Chicago PD” (9 pm, NBC, TV-14).

• Cam and Maggie face emotional turmoil on “A Million Little Things” (9 pm, ABC, TV-14).

• “Temptation Island” (9 pm, USA, TV-14) entered its fourth season.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones starred in the 1997 sci-fi spoof “Men in Black” (6 pm, Paramount, TV-14) and his 2002 sequel “Men in Black II” (8 pm, Paramount, TV -14). They are both raised by Frank, the cranky pug. A site that ranks Top 10 pug movies these two movies in third place. It’s just brass! The 2019 British rom-com titled “Patrick” will take the top spot. Streaming on Netflix.

“Survivor” (7 pm, CBS, TV-PG) … “The Masked Singer” (7 pm, Fox, TV-PG) … Not the same as “The Goldbergs” (7 pm, ABC, TV -PG) … Barry and Kramer work together on “The Flash” (7 pm, CW, TV-PG) … Keeping secrets on “The Wonder Years” (7:30 pm, ABC, TV-PG) .. Watch everyone on “Domino Masters” (8 pm, Fox, TV-PG) … Endurance on “The Conners” (8 pm, ABC, TV-PG) .. .A New Year’s hangover on “Kung Fu” (8 pm, CW, TV-PG) … Young people are missing out on “Home Economics” (8:30 pm, ABC, TV-PG).

Jimmy Fallon hosts Amy Schumer, Dylan O’Brien and Christina Tosi on “The Tonight Show” (10:34 pm, NBC) … Kenneth Branagh, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, Vundabar and Larnell Lewis visit “Late Night With Seth Meyers ”(11:37 pm, NBC).

– Yes, it is strange. The least anticipated story of the week is the scandal involving Felicity Huffman (“Desperate Housewives”) and Lori Loughlin, the star of “When Calls the Heart” (7 pm Sunday, Hallmark, TV-G), in a conspiracy / deception to send their daughters to high schools.

This is an ongoing matter, and all parties will have to make their own decisions, or in court. But the emphasis at the center of this story needs to be discussed. Every effort must be made to enroll children in elite schools. It seems impossible to think of anything “less”.

The film has little to no problem. I can’t remember how many times I’ve described an ABC law game where everyone just came out of the free Ivy and made the most of the driver to brag about.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, John Grisham wrote the best -selling books about young lawyers, not allowed from anonymous firms to take on cases that could not be fought against large corporations. and won. And the girl got it, shoes.

Therefore, it is not difficult to view the neuroticism of this age with elitism and inequality.

If anyone is involved in this serious case, it’s worth noting that snobbery is always abused. Or on traditional, comedic TV. We look at “Gilligan’s Island,” we meet Mary Ann and the Skipper, and we love the millionaire and his wife.

– CNN airs the four -hour documentary “Tricky Dick” (8 pm, Sunday), which chronicles the life and moments of Richard Nixon’s public ministry, which lasted several years. years from the dawn of the Cold War to the Clinton years.

– A new anxious mom has joined a group for unity and support, only to find out that there are black lines on her subject in the 2019 shocker “Mommy Group Murder” (7 pm, Lifetime, TV-14) .

– Thunder and Warriors meet in NBA action (7:30 pm, ABC).

-The old thief is back on “Ransom” (8 pm, CBS, TV-14).

– Scheduled on “60 Minutes” (6 pm, CBS): Ambassadors in China and Cuba complain of mysterious illnesses; Steve Case is the founder of AOL and his vision to shape the future of small towns and cities in America; a visit to Monaco.

– Duels begin on “World of Dance” (7 pm, NBC, TV-PG).

– Reviews continue on “American Idol” (7 pm, ABC, TV-PG).

-Lex Luthor is on “Supergirl” (7 pm, CW, TV-PG).

– Mr. ready. Wednesday for the fight on “American Gods” (7 pm, Starz, TV-MA).

– After learning about her royal family, a 10-year-old boy has been arrested in the 2019 horror film “Mommy’s Little Princess” (7 pm, Lifetime, TV-14).

-There’s a secret room to the villains on “Charmed” (8 pm, CW, TV-14).

– Secret Secrets will be revealed on “The Walking Dead” (8 pm, AMC, TV-MA).

– A new trial is underway on “The Case Against Adnan Syed” (8 pm, HBO, TV-14).

-Ax is set to destroy Taylor in the first season four of “Billions” (8 pm, Showtime, TV-MA).

– Ulysses is pursuing a rebellious idea on “Now Apocalypse” (8 pm, Starz, TV-MA).

– “Unsung” (8 pm, TVONE) footage of the Jets.

-Pacific broadcast on “Madam Secretary” (9 pm, CBS, TV-PG).

-Controversy is mounting on “Good Girls” (9 pm, NBC, TV-14).

– Mo’s passing is reported on “Black Monday” (9 pm, Showtime, TV-MA).

– St. Louis. Patrick’s Day in many traditions. Syfy presents a marathon of “Leprechaun” movies, from “Leprechaun 5: In the Hood” (4 pm Saturday, TV-14) to “Leprechaun 2” (8 pm). TCM takes the traditional route, releasing the blarney Technicolor of director John Ford’s 1952 romance “The Quiet Man” (7 pm Sunday, TV-PG).

“Dateline” (7 pm, NBC, TV-PG) … “NBA Countdown” (7 pm, ABC) … The kids were good on “MasterChef” (8 pm, Fox, r, TV-PG). .. “48 Hours” (9 pm, CBS) … A wine episode of “Saturday Night Live” (9 pm, NBC, r, TV-14).

A visit from an old friend to inspire Miles on “God Friended Me” (7 pm, CBS, TV-PG) … Homer can’t leave Bart’s virtual kingdom in “The Simpsons” (7 pm, CBS, TV-PG). pm, Fox, TV-14) … Love for everyone on “Bob’s Burgers” (7:30 pm, Fox, TV-14).

A walk down the aisle on “NCIS: Los Angeles” (8 p.m., CBS, TV-14) … In the second episode of “Family Guy” (Fox, TV-14), Meg’s Winter Olympics (8 p.m., ), fight. on a dowager (8:30 pm, r) … injuries and bruises on “Shark Tank” (9 pm, ABC, TV-PG).

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