Netflix announces new Anime Anthology Junji Ito

Netflix shocked fans during the nightmare Junji Ito was spotted on their Geeked Week stream and it was revealed that they will be releasing a new anime version of his works. Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Stories of the MacabreSwitch to twenty stories selected by Ito, with stories from Tomie. This is great news for fans of Ito’s work, because people really want to see their favorite story.

However, the Ito are thinking of advertising. Junji Ito’s works have been done before, but none have fulfilled the astronomical assumptions. Some believe that Ito’s work cannot be turned into an anime. His stories are an important part of the manga, using technologies that comics can show and have a lot of artistic detail.

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In 2012, one of Ito’s most famous works, Gyo, got a movie change. O Gyo take the mockery of the fish with the feet to such a high altitude as the ocean enters the land and leads to the death of man. Combining the fear of advanced technology with the many crimes committed during World War II, O Gyo a story about a man who falls. The film, however, is very different.

Instead of the manga hovering over a young man, and they both disappear in fear, the film shows a group of friends. This increase in the number of flights seems like real life to kill more, but this is not the biggest change. In the manga, the protagonist is a young man named Tadashi, directed by his friend Kaori. The film shifts these roles, with more of a strong female character at the center. In itself, this is not a bad choice. Kaori, of course, was a troubled girl at first.

However, where Tadashi of the manga wants to make sure his friend isn’t crazy, Kaori’s movie is more like an action hero. He tries to save everyone from terror and is determined to see as best he can.

This is in stark contrast to Ito’s character, even though he doesn’t give his audience exactly what he knows about his monsters. He could give advice or explanations, but nothing was explained because he was not afraid.

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Crunchyroll announced the O Junji this Collection in 2018, and a letdown for manga readers. With the same intention Junji Ito Maniac, he has edited twenty -four of his most famous chapter stories and excerpts from his long works. While sticking to the original, this anime is remembered as mediocre.

He started in the worst possible way, by swearing stories from the king of horror manga and started Episode 1 with Ito’s most magical character, Souichi. Many people unfamiliar with Ito watched this same episode and dismissed the story because of this choice.

Another big problem with this anime is its performance. Animated by Studio Deen, ka The Junji Ito Collection it’s filled with animations and dramatic movements. The details have been removed from all sorts of monsters, making it much easier to nurture the lizard, but the flawless effect didn’t accomplish this loss. Youtube Super Eyepatch Wolf has created a video breaking down these issues.

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All in all, it is possible that future projects will break in this way. The future Uzumaki The anime is highly regarded because it is closely related to Ito’s artistic style. Although there is only one trailer at the moment, the animation used to give people hope. However, with four sections and nineteen main chapters, the story can be preserved.

Hopefully, Netflix will take into account the shortcomings of the pre -editing while making it work Junji Ito Maniac.

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