MLB Minute: Blue Jays, new technology and opening date

Jays From the Mat gives you the movie trailers of the Toronto Blue Jays of the MLB Landscape. This week: new technology and opening day

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* The Blue Jays ’Opening Day 2022 is here again, but the roster decisions made by the 30 Major League teams show different influences based on the most recent CBA talks. It’s an unknown thing Four top 10 ideas, such as selected by, to break camp and make their beginnings on the opening day: Bobby Witt, Jr. (#1 Royals), Julio Rodriguez (#3 Mariners), Spencer Torkelson (#4 Tigers) and CJ Abrams (#9 Padres). Hunter Greene (#22) and Nick Lodolo (#42) is set to take the hill no Cincinnati in the first week. Bryson Stott (#45) won the Phillies Three basic functions a Matt Brash (#98) expected to start his first major league at some point Seattle right in the starting hand. A quartet of Top 100 prospects with great league experience in the past (Reid Detmers #21, Joey Bart #31, Josh Lowe #50, and Joe Ryan #97) places are also available on opening day lists. The emphasis placed on increasing the number of qualified young players before arbitration and reducing the number of service hours by the front departments seemed to have accumulated the unexpected pieces for the game. Platers Association.

Although none of the Blue Jays the highs lined up in the third baseline for the opening night, the fruits of Toronto’s agricultural system improvements have become large corporations. So the jealousy of Jays lovers should be replaced with a long -lasting laugh at your husbands. However, lengthy construction negotiations and spring training have seen the move and release of some former Blue Jays from the opening day. Joe Panik and Rafael Dolis free businesses will remain free of the expectation of small -scale contracts on the ground. Tyler Chatwood, AJ Cole and Breyvic Valera everyone decided to sign up in Japan before getting the same result. It is cyclical to see older adults resting before they are ready, but the significant risk of raising CBT thresholds and strengthening the young has not been evaluated. First two choices of the first round (Mike Foltynewwicz Brian Goodwin), The first two are related (Kyle Barraclough Trevor Rosenthal)and a former All-Star with a six-day release starting in his career (Julio Tehran) also waiting for calls from their messengers.

Celebrating MLB’s new young stars is fun. Let’s not forget the toys we love and share. They received our appreciation and their worth was not considered by the owners or the MLBPA during the CBA negotiations.

* One of the benefits of the new balance sheet in 2023 is that it sets the records of the first season in warm weather or domed base camps to prevent deregulation and deregulation. setting the heads after the year. The openings have been postponed for three days due to bad weather this season, and some of the openings have been played at reasonable levels. Most of us love the snow and the wonders of winter – in the winter. There is a reason Spring training centers are built in the hot, sunny cities of Florida and Arizona and not New England, the Great Plains or Winnipeg and Windsor.

Owners and athletes raise concerns about the flesh and serious injuries caused by cold conditions. The ease of playing each Major League team against 29 other teams at a time makes for an easy way to achieve this goal for the opening day. Yes, some Northeast and Midwest companies can open the season with two -week road trips. However, the competition was won by having more stores set up after the season. Not to mention that reducing climate -related hazards will adversely affect early -season performance.

* MLB gives companies official permission for companies to use new digital technologies called PitchCom in regular season games to reduce signal theft. Five players, including a bowl and a catcher, can have ears at any one time. While players acknowledged the “bad” and “strange” features when the PitchCom systems were set up during Spring Training, most of the catchers and pitchers were warm to his use. Mets rest Adam Ottavino compared to whispering while catchers like Mike Zunino improved the ability to call the next pitch before the pot started to stick as a competitive winner for the pot.

of the Red Sox a It hurts previously announced that they would not be using the PitchCom system by 2022 (I understand the theft escapades signs of their executives). Alex Cora and AJ Hinch Nothing to do with this decision). It is expected that as many as 15 teams will make the equipment as part of their game plan. Danny Jansen the Blue Jays used PitchCom to great effect in opening Texas. The Commission was quick to say yes Not necessary.

You can’t imagine why MLB didn’t order PitchCom for all the teams. Because of Rob Manfred’s emphasis on the speed of the game during games, there is no doubt that the league will achieve that goal. As well as making good use of pitchers over the years and eliminating the need for pitchers in the past season, athletes can make changes. Even though the days of the baseball game are over 2 hours long, ending the paranoia of the catch signals interrupted by the opponents on the field will end the playing times by 10-15 minutes each. with this competition.

If MLB can demand immediate revisions so that the MLBPA can stop pitch clocks, then a simple and positive change can be allowed in the way pitches are called as a matter of course. up to.

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