Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi beats Doctor Strange in his own game

Happiness is all around Doctor Strange to the crowd of insanity a lot of fans talk about the multiverse concept. However, the multiverse is not limited to comic books or movie books; a lot of anime used to have the idea of ​​an amazing result. Some studios have shows set around the world, other franchises have a spin-off series set in the same world, or a multiversal tour as a original story. An unseen anime that has been shown to be one of the best to take on the multiverse ever made.

Abenobashi Shopping is Magical Shopping Arcade first closed in 2002. Produced by Gainax and Madhouse and written by Hiroyuki Yamaga and Satoru Akahori, the story follows two young friends, Arumi and Sasshi. The children live in the commercial district of Abenobashi, which is the center of the local shopping center. However, the area is changing rapidly, with shops closing and buildings being demolished paving the way for further development. Sasshi’s family bathroom was closed because of these reconstruction plans, leaving him very angry. To make matters worse, Arumi’s family quickly moves to leave Sasshi and his best friend.

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After a tragic accident, the two friends find themselves in another world – one that is heavily influenced by the sword and the magical setting. However, this government is not very different; It seems to share some things with the Abenobashi shopping district that the kids know. Furthermore, most people in this world look and act like the people they see from home.

However, when Arumi and Sasshi try to leave this world and return home, they land in another world full of mechs and sci-fi technologies. Because of this, the two have to fly from all over the world, trying to do what they are doing while also finding a way to get back to their original world. Along the way, they realize that everything is not the same as it first appeared – and two mysterious images look like nothing else.

What to do Abenobashi Shopping is Magical Shopping Arcade stands for the way he works in his multiverse. All of the different worlds are created in a different way or hobby otaku, with each full of references to other media that fit the theme of the world. However, there are new ones in each world, with Abenobashi residents taking on different responsibilities. This is what each new government thinks in a different but familiar way, which further reflects the situation in which children are held – while also helping educators understand the confusion that comes with a departure from real knowledge.

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Abenobashi Shopping is Magical Shopping Arcade combine similarities with universes; The show itself is a comedy with lots of wacky laugh moments. However, its main arc is an amazing story set in the years to come that engages children in a changing world. The deconstructionist of history is more in his progress, opening up and overthrowing various aspects of the universe.

In another surprising way, the lizard’s later works actually end with its first episodes – with its deconstructionist style. This leads to a lizard that attracts viewers with its laughter before striking them with vibrations and a still -moving story.

Abenobashi Shopping is Magical Shopping Arcade It’s a perfect example of an anime that uses the multiverse concept to tell a story that makes full use of the other concept and simplicity. Following each world’s rules of a different kind while creating a set of innovations will help define the nature of a multiversal journey. It allows the show to explore its themes in a very different and independent way, while opening up a series of fun adventures for humorous moments. When Gainax and Madhouse join forces, it’s a story like any other – and Abenobashi Shopping is Magical Shopping Arcade Given this promise, it will be a must -watch anime.

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi is announcing it on HIDIVE.

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