Link Click Drops Trailer For Season 2

The famous donghua series (or Chinese movie). Link Click is getting a second season, and its first trailer shows that the new season will be just as intense as the first season.

Link Click he tells the story of Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, employees at a small art shop in the modern city who use their special powers to access their client’s images. They both worked hard at their jobs, and for them, there was nothing more important than fulfilling every command, no matter the harm or the problem. The new trailer, available on bilibili’s official website, confirms that Season 2 will be filled with disaster, showing Lu rushing to a hospital after recovering from the injury.

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Original story created by Haoliners Animation League (Fox Spirit Matchmaker, Legend of Exorcism), Link Click launched on bilibili, a Chinese video -sharing website, and Funimation on April 30, 2021, is receiving praise from critics and fans and gaining over 180 million views. Li Haoling is the director of the series with Sanjou Yasuka as the director and Tanji Takumi, Asami Tomoya and Zhu Lipiao as the director.

That was also confirmed Link Click has a Japanese dub, which features famous and well -known vocalists. Toshiyuki Toyonaga (The Lord of Tennis, Sailor Moon Eternal Guardian) playing Toki/Cheng Xiaoshi, Takahiro Sakurai (Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, Fena: Pirate Princess) by Hikaru/Lu Guang and Aoi Koga (My Senpai is angry, Blue Heart) play Rin/Qin Ling.

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Because Funimation is also working to expand its list of Chinese animation, Link Click It’s not the only donghua series currently available on the streaming service. Shenying Animation also has another theatrical performance The wounds of the burning fire, LX Animation Studio is a science fiction series The shortcoming and the Haoliners Animation League for the city The daily life of the Immortal Chief.

In addition, Funimation has English language versions and is named the popular BL (Boys’ Love) series. Blessings of the Almighty, which tells the story of a king who was cast out of heaven many times and the demon king who fascinated him. Traditional musicians such as James Cheek are included (Homicide Board, One District), Howard Wang (SK8 to Infinity), Lucien Dodge (The Seven Deadly Sins, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Unspeakable Diamond) ame Apphia Yu (My Hero Academia, At that point I found myself reincarnated as a Slime).

So far, no release date has been made Link ClickIt’s the second time, but the Japanese dub is expected to start first in January 2022.

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Source: bilibili, ma o Funimation

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