Linda Carter was reportedly injured after a car accident

HikinaEnders chase the irons.

HikinaEnders He described the fate of Linda Carter when she woke up from her coma the following week.

Linda’s life is at stake after she got into a big car accident with Janine Butcher.

Thursday night Linda’s family was spotted with brain damage when she woke up.


Even better, the Carters were led to believe that Linda was the cause of her drinking, as a result of some deceptive actions by her friendly partner Janine.

Witnesses knew Janine was behind the wheel but pulled Linda out of the car and in the driver’s seat as if she was driving under the influence.

When a car stopped to help, Janine realized she was a stranger before the incident.

janine butcher, eastenders


Janine is worried that her cheating will start next week, so the Carter family keeps a watch on Linda’s bedside.

Newcomers have confirmed that Linda will wake up late Wednesday (June 15), so that her family can rest. But if Linda remembers the tragedy, or the situations that lie ahead, it becomes obvious.

Mick carter and janine are cupbearers at the hospital in eastenders


Linda’s actress Kellie Bright spoke about her future on the show, in light of the news that her husband will be bowing at Danny Dyer’s side.

“I’m happy to be here now while I’m sad to see Danny go,” Kellie said. Kopa loko.

“He’s my best friend here – we’ve been together since the beginning and I really like him. He wants to do other things and I support him as a partner, but in the end at the same time, it hurts me. “

HikinaEnders These episodes will air on Wednesday, June 15 at 7:30 pm on BBC One. All episodes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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