Kakegurui introduces new English language broadcasters to release home videos

Kakegurui XX has a Blu-ray home video release courtesy of Sentai Filmworks, featuring its independent English dub of the anime series.

Yumeko was moving and laughing at kakegurui

Sentai Filmworks will offer a Blu-ray home video release of Kakegurui Season 2, featuring his independent English dub.

According to an official announcement from Sentai Filmworks, the English dub has been shown to different actors than what was shown on Netflix’s previous release of the series. Me Adam Gibbs (My Hero Academia), Who is the voice of Ryota Suzui, who stars as Estelle Link in her first anime production Yumeko Jabami. Other members of the cast were Hilary Haag (The Demon Girl Next Door) as Erimi Mushibami, Eric Vale (At that point I found myself reincarnated as Slime) as Ibara Obami, Juliet Simmons (Food War !: Shokugeki no Soma) as Inaho Yamato and Scott Gibbs (Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya) voiced by Kaede Manyuda.

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Other members of Sentai Filmworks’ dub of Kakegurui XX and John Gremillion (The Heike History), Olivia Swasey (Is it wrong to try to get girls in prison?), Kailin Coates (Made in the Abyss), Christina Kelly (Akame to Kill!) and Marissa Lenti (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Girl). Blake Jackson and John Swasey will lead the document, with Brent Marshall serving on the English language team and Patrick Marrero serving as voice engineer.

Because of the Kakegurui – Koʻi Gambling manga by Homura Kawamoto and Tōru Naomura, the first season of the anime adaptation by studio MAPPA ran from July to September 2017, and the second season, called. Kakegurui XX, aired between January and March 2019. The anime was directed by Yuichiro Hayashi (ʻO Attack on Titan: The Hope Season) and Yasuko Kobayashi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) looking at the composer, Manabu Akita (God of high school) designing paintings and Haruka Matsuda (O Jujutsu Kaisen) serving as an expert leader.

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Kakegurui located at Hyakkaou Private Academy, an prestigious school where students engage in high school gambling in order to gain power, fame and relationships. However, when student Yumeko annoys the rest of the school because of his combination of gambling and education, the rest of the students try to humiliate him.

Sentai Filmworks isn’t the only home video release and the new dub is just being developed on Kakegurui franchise. At the end of last year, the prequel manga series by Kawamoto and Kei Saiki was confirmed, Kakegurui Twin, will receive its own anime version by MAPPA. It will debut on Netflix in August 2022.

First orders for Kakegurui XX The Blu-ray is now available on the Sentai Filmworks website, where the first season is available for purchase. The Blu-ray will begin releasing on January 25th.

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