Kakegurui Instrumental High Card Incorporated With New Trailer

The new trailer reveals more of the graphics and the world of High Card, the new multimedia project from Kakegurui creator Homura Kawamoto.

A new trailer has been released for High Cardthe poker -related player from the creator Kakegurui.

High Card first unveiled in June and is the latest project from Homura Kawamoto, the author behind the celebrity Kakegurui anime and manga. Kawamoto is developing the program with his brother Hikaru Mino, a writer at Kakegurui new ones. High Card is set to act as a multimedia franchise, telling its story across a variety of manga, simple stories, and anime. The series was co -founded by Japanese publisher Kadokawa, the popular entertainment house TMS, and Sammy’s gaming and pachinko company, which is best known outside of Japan for the publisher’s parent business. Sega video games. The first release of the media-spanning series, known as an audio CD, will be released in Japan on Dec. 3.

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As well as High CardKawamoto and Mino are also working with the anime team Aniplex on Function Detail -#00000 (Code Black), which is set up as a cross-media franchise covering anime and games. That group is also working with Liden Films, the later animation company Tokyo Revengersand Yuhodo, the development company that previously worked on popular credit card games such as White Black a Cardfight Vanguard.

In addition to these new projects, Kawamoto continues his most famous work. Kakegurui. Kawamoto created the famous comedy manga with photographer Toru Naomura in 2014, which has now reached over 5 million copies worldwide. The story takes place at the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy, an elite school where Japan’s richest and strongest people send their children to be educated. However, social status at school was not determined by family lineage or wealth, but by ability to gamble: the best gamblers were allowed to run to school, even though prisoners were threatened. and are compelled to perform the degrading acts which other students may request of them. do. Things started to change at the school when Yumeko Jabami, a young woman who combined the joy of putting herself in danger, changed schools and started her own players. sounds good.

Kakegurui is an amazing character who has been transformed into an anime story twice Attack Titan MAPPA studio. The lizard was turned into a live theater, which also ran in Japan for two seasons. The anime and live action series are available to stream on Netflix.

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