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For anime fans, it’s one of the most terrifying experiences Kakegurui. The story takes place at Hyakkaou Private Academy where children of the ultra-wealthy and elite attend. However, the position at the school depends on the success of the students in gambling. The students who have the most success manage the school and the ones who owe the most become slaves (or “House Pets”) for the benefit of other students.

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Kakegurui following freshman Yumeko Jabami, who arrived in Hyakkaou to end his gambling addiction. The story follows Yumeko as he shakes the school hierarchy and the Student Council tries to end his reign once and for all. People who don’t know anime will probably notice that the words are very strange. Throwing in this amount, however, some images are more appealing to viewers than others.

7 Kaede Manyuda

Yumeko annoyed Kaede while she was playing at Kakegurui

Former Student Council Treasurer Kaede Manyuda was a man who relied heavily on his own interests as a player. His programs focus on securing him the title of Student Council President. As a result, he greatly humiliates Yumeko, who taunts him in a game. Although his last story is full of sympathy for some of his misdeeds, it is not fun in any way.

Best of all, Kaede wasn’t like the others. He does not try or want to be popular with those around him. That’s who looks him inside Kakegurui it was an exciting time more than anything else.

6 Itsuki Sumeragi

Itsuki shows off his fingernail collection at Kakegurui

Despite his good looks, Itsuki Sumeragi is the worst. The school’s card game expert decided to trade his way to the student council. After Itsuki frees money from his opponents, he turns them on their fingers and toes, cutting them off from captivity with a terrifying sad joy. Kakegurui observers observe the opening on the screen.

Although Itsuki turns against the Student Council, he is not in a good mood. But he just wants to overthrow a system that will never work again.


5 Kirari Momobami

Sayaka and Kirari were surrounded by flowers at Kakegurui

The main antagonist in Kakegurui, Sadly, Kirari Momobami knows that people have more players to play with than a real person. Although he has a good planner and some serious villains, Kirari is one of those characters who is, in fact, unwelcome, even when involved with him. He enjoys killing other people and harassing them to the nth degree.

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When Kirari became President of the Student Council, he was the founder of the House Pet system, which was improving on a broken system. However, Kirari is a favorite of those who “love hate.”

4 Sayaka Igarashi

Student Council Secretary Sayaka is a true devotee not at school, but to Kirari, whom he loves more than anything. Kirari, who doesn’t care for anyone, is known to return her love on some level. In fact, he would do everything he could to make sure Kirari was not punished by the other students, to defend him vigorously.

It is the height of piety at the same time as sweet and awesome. Viewers believe that Sayaka can win the love of his thigh. For comparison with a standard Brooklyn Nine-Nine line, however, there is no pleasantness of feeling, he admits to some abuses.

3 Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko introduces Mary to a relationship in Kakegurui

The protagonist of Kakegurui, Yumeko Jabami came as a beautiful and attractive young woman: not laughing, not liking threats, paying off the debts of something she did not know. When Yumeko was playing, it was a time when things got a little messy. He is an addict, exploring the height of uncertainty that real gambling can give him. He did not think of winning or losing. Yumeko wants the joy of an unknown outcome.

When he pursues that height, he really sees that it is not opened in the best ways. Even though he came across as a good guy when he wasn’t in his ally, he was a terrible thing.

2 Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome Kakegurui

Getting started Kakegurui as a villain, Mary Saotome finds a humiliating captive at the end of Yumeko, descending to the Pet House status at school. With that, Mary has an interesting, kind of healing arc. He’s kind of tsundere in the anime by and large. However, he became one of Yumeko’s strongest allies and a kind of co-protagonist of the lizard as it progressed.

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Although Mary and the people around her were hot and cold, she took care of them as the show progressed. With that kind of dedication, it just gives him more flesh and understands the goals to work in the story.

1 Ryota Suzuki

Yumeko led Ryota to the Tarot game at Kakegurui

Outside of everything inside KakeguruiRyota Suzui is a nice and kind person. He didn’t like gambling, he was very happy, he really wanted to help Yumeko control his addiction to watching, and he was friends with Mary even though he had become a pet. It’s the closest thing to a Yumeko perfect shot. Like everyone else, Ryota thinks gambling at school is crazy.

Different parts of the man in eccentric forms and something of the audience, Ryota is the most comfortable in the main.

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