Kakegurui: 10 Best Pieces (According to IMDb)

In Kakegurui, Yumeko Jabami is a transfer student at Hyakkaou Academy, a school where everyone can find out about gambling. When Yumeko’s heavy -handed gambling threatens to upset the social hierarchy, forces join forces to try to maintain the status quo.

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Kakegurui He won praise for his view of gambling as a taboo and gained fame for his game play and games. With two seasons currently available on Netflix and no date announced for the release of season 3, fans should get a look at some of the best moments of the anime to date.

10 “A Woman Named Yumeko Jabami” (S1, E1) – 7.7

Yumeko introduces Mary to a relationship in Kakegurui

“A Woman named Yumeko Jabami,” introduces fans to the Hyakkaou Academy’s approach to organizing students according to their gaming skills and also setting the tone for the rest of the series. The article begins with Board President Ryota Suzui showing Yumeko around the school, but Yumeko realizes that his only desire is to gamble.

Later, Yumeko accepts Mary Saotome’s challenge to play a modified version of Rock, Paper Scissors. Mary cheated in the game and immediately got the chance, but Yumeko saw the cheating and convinced Mary to accept the 10 million yen bet on the back hand, and Yumeko won. The event is well -set with Yumeko as an invisible and terrifying protagonist who will stop anyone from satisfying his gambling addiction.

9 “A Pleasant Girl” (S1, E2) – 7.8

Itsuki shows off his fingernail collection at Kakegurui

Yumeko continues her search for happiness She’s a nice girl. “ In this episode, Yumeko sticks his fingers in a memorial game against a member of the student council, Itsuki Sumeragi, the daughter of a sports industry CEO who never lost a card game.

One of the best tropes Kakegurui Yumeko uncovers his opponent’s deceptive actions in a surprising change for the anime. Yumeko’s talents are further demonstrated. Although Itsuki used cards with small lines so that he could see what each card looked like, Yumeko knew what each card looked like and used it. to his amazing memory of winning Itsuki by one round.


8 “The Slit Woman” (S1, E3) – 7.8

Yuriko agrees

Season 1, episode 3, “Slit-Eyed Woman,Yumeko challenged Yumeko against the president of the Culture Society, Yuriko Nishinotouin, with Yumeko about all the victories he had received from Mary and Itsuki. While the knowledge that the game is about a magnet allows the customer to capture the effect at the will of one player, Yumeko continues to play the game for the joy of the game.

When it was discovered that Yuriko had eaten before he could bite, he won the game and Yumeko ended up with 310 million yen in debt. This was the first time Yumeko had been seen to lose, but the loss did not dampen her character and she trusted in her again a homepet.

7 “Wives of the Momobami Clan” (S2, E2) – 7.8

Recent transformation students at Hyakkaou in Kakegurui

“The Women of Momobami Clan” introduces fans to the rules of the election to determine the next student council president of Hyakkaou Academy with an army of new protesters in the form of Momobami clan members. It sets the events of the second season and the anime leaves fans with more questions than answers about Yumeko’s past.

Although Mary begged to be careful, Yumeko did not notice her friend’s warmth and agreed to play Erimi Mushibami’s guillotine game. However, Yumeko turns the script on Erimi and finishes the game with the young girl’s nerves, allowing her to easily win the game.

6 “The Winning Woman” (S2, E8) – 7.8

Yumeko annoyed Kaede while she was playing at Kakegurui

“The Winning Woman” is set to be one of the lizard’s most imaginative games, as Yumeko and Itsuki play a game called The Greater Good with Kaede Manyuda, Miloslava Honebami, and Ibara. Obami. With more than 100 votes in a row, the game is a must for those seeking to become student council president, but it is not the only game.

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At first, Kaede didn’t want to play the game, but after Yumeko’s count, she regained some of her old confidence. At the end of the game, Kaede revealed that Itsuki was using Miloslava to cheat, forcing the others to choose him out of the game. Although Kaede has regained his gambling mojo, which means that Itsuki has lost his votes in his relationship with Terano, he is able to save a little, although he admits that he is only happy to be back. In its old form.

5 “The Woman Became Man” (S1, E5) – 7.9

Yumeko and Mary met Jun at Kakegurui

After defeating Mary and being forced to become a housepet in the first round, Yumeko joined her former contestant in “The Woman Who Became Human.” In this episode, the two work together to beat Jun in the Debt Exchange game and raise their financial expectations.

Deciding that Jun was trying to trick Nanami into cheating, Yumeko and Mary turned the game into an elaborate bluff. She starts to panic and tries to force Nanami to fold so she can win, but Yumeko urges her to stay tight. Mary ends up winning and clearing her debt while Jun takes Yumeko’s debt, but most importantly, Yumeko manages to turn Mary from a villain to a warrior.

4 “The Gambling Woman” (S1, E12) – 7.9

Yumeko led Ryota to the Tarot game at Kakegurui

For most of the first time, Yumeko just wanted to play against Kirari and get the chance at the end of the season. In the “Gambling WomanYumeko and Kirari played a game called Tarot Cards of Fate, and the loser agreed to be expelled from school.

With Yumeko and Kirari in the future at Hyakkaou Academy involved, By Kakegurui The best qualified players face a game that relies solely on luck but is firmly entrenched in Kirari’s passion. During one of the lizard’s best moments, Ryota expressed his feelings for Yumeko and chose the last card of the game in real time, leading the match to end in a draw.

3 “Women Leaders” (S2, E4) – 8.0

The Nen Type Zero game

In “The Women Who Lead,” the second round of the Nym Type Zero game begins with Miri Youbami and Miyo Inbami pondering how they used a secret code to trick players. Despite this humble act, Mary came up again to remind everyone why she was so strong to be counted.

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At Yumeko’s advice, Ryota followed all of Mary’s advice, leading them to win the second round. Although Miyo and Miri were confident they could win the final round, Mary turned their hopes around again and revealed that she had withdrawn the card order after looking at the customer. use a special shuffle. The event showcases some of Mary’s best moments and holds her back as one of the show’s best performers.

2 “The Logical Woman” (S2, E10) – 8.2

Sayaka and Kirari were surrounded by flowers at Kakegurui

Sayaka and Kirari’s relationship is one of the most difficult relationships in the anime, which is why Sayaka’s desire to pay him in the game Tower of Doors is surprising. “The Logical Woman” follows Sayaka as she struggles to prove that she thinks more than Yumeko’s intuition.

For a while, Sayaka seemed to be winning, but when he got to the top of the tower, Yumeko was there, deciding that the center of the tower was a ladder he would use to win. to the game. Tragically, Sayaka jumped out of one of the open doors but was rescued after landing on a safety mat under the tower. During one of the lizard’s most pleasant moments, Kirari asked Sayaka to be his scribe again, pointing out one of the most difficult things to read.

1 “The woman about her life” (S1, E11) – 8.3

Itsuki against Kaede

The penultimate part of season 1 is the best on Kakegurui today. In “The Woman Who Bets Her Life,” Yumeko and Kaede compete high in the head and everyone is about to be in a relationship more than the one who sold it.

After Yumeko’s cups run out, Itsuki continues to fund him, but they don’t have enough money together to match Kaede’s, which is why Yumeko is forced to say that Itsuki cares about his life. Although he initially denied it, Yumeko taunted him until Itsuki cut off his own fingers to demand from Kaede about 10 billion yen on Itsuki’s life. This signifies his end, as he fell into their trap and lost everything.

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