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Trapped in a Sim Dating: The World of Otome games is hard for bad guys It’s a new anime sequel of the spring 2022 season, set in a sci-fi-inspired automated gaming world where wealth, power and deception are commonplace. Protagonist Leon Bartfort must use all his skills to survive as the third child of a small prince.

even if Stick in a Sim Dating It doesn’t re -establish the full -fledged ice market, it combines a number of styles and organizations to create a well -crafted experience, backed by everyone with a mix of the most loved and the worst. Bad in the way of Leon’s happiness. Who is in this competitive world of love, companionship and giant robots? We covered you.

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Leon Bartfort is the best language Isekai contestant

During his early life in New Japan, Leon spent days finding his way through an automatic game at the request of his younger brother, falling down a ladder and ending the game as a form of underdog background. Stick in a Sim DatingProtagoinst the likes of Katarina Claes and Naofumi Iwatani rolled into one, a loner who believes in having to navigate an unequal group while getting friends and acquaintances to a close relationship. interpersonal relationships everywhere.

Leon was far from defenseless; He has a small robotic friend named Luxion to support him, and he can maneuver a large Armor mech with great skill. Leon is used to spending peace at his new elite school, but he doesn’t just sleep and take advantage of his honorable classmates. And while the goal is said to be to hit the back in order to avoid trouble, it can’t help but get caught up in the best fights of the auto game – that is. back where King Julius and scheming Stephanie Offrey are worried. He was about to make waves and change the nature of local history into a public hero.

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Olivia is the Otome Heroine

The first autistic heroine was a young woman named Olivia, who was more humble than her noble and royal peers. An educated man, despite his humble background, he had the opportunity to make love with King Julius or one of his male friends to see him happily afterwards – but things changed. it ended when Leon was born again into his world.

Now, Olivia enjoys the side, and has a lot of respect for her friends Leon and Angelica Redgrave. Olivia may be a bit of a shy dandere now but her true destiny is to become a witch girl named Saint, and it is up to Leon to help her realize her glorious destiny.

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Angelica Redgrave has learned a few basics

Angelica Redgrave was from the noble Redgrave family and was engaged to King Julius. For a time, she lived like a proud musician – she was a regular at her school – but her husband had other plans. Her relationship with Julius was classical and rooted in family politics, so she lost Marie. Angelica was immediately forced to decide on the most important thing: family politics and arranging weddings, or her own happiness and the pursuit of a loving relationship. He can learn humility and choose the latter.

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Marie loves everything

Marie is a small designer who hopes to win with King Julius and his friends – not out of true love, but out of comfort from their life as members of the elite group. . However, he was more than Leon’s worst enemy Stick in a Sim Dating – she is his real born sister in the otome game.

Unlike her brother, Marie loves the light and does everything about it, so that she can surround herself with wealth and prestige as a wannabe princess. In a way, she was different from Angelica, and in fact, the two girls were not the same.

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Prince Julius and his friends fight for love

Prince Julius is a big lover of the ottoman game, but now he’s a real headliner for Leon and his little friends. A young man of heart, Julius preferred real personal relationships to arranged marriage, so he rejected Angelica out of love for Marie, who made a real effort to understand him. Julius is an accomplished mech driver, and after becoming Leon, he relinquishes his right to the throne so that he can stay with Marie even though he has no new job with Angelica.

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Stephanie Offrey is behind Olivia’s blood

Angelica and Marie aren’t the only ones going through the motions Stick in a Sim Datingko elite kula. Also present was Stephanie Offrey, the daughter of a strong baron who was happy to shed her grief. He was a little joker who secretly resented Olivia’s rise to fame despite her humble nature. Stephanie is determined to fight Leon and Olivia, until she demands that her partner Carla Fou Wayne organize a heavenly attack to destroy them.

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