It’s a big game just waiting

Guys, over the last couple of years, I appreciate Gutey’s willingness to double the ranks. Sign the FA lineman and then sign one, sign the FA LB and then sign the other, sign the FA WR … Or, sign the QB and then sign to the veteran QB :). I like the fact that the players are always fuller than necessary. With Gutey and the team the boards are not visible. GPG!

And you know how easy those moves are to give the Packers. Green Bay entered the draft with a better fit on the defensive line after signing Jarran Reed – and are currently happy with the addition of Devonte Wyatt. The Packers eased their burden on the receiver with the Watkins signing – and it’s been a month to get Watson on the fence.

Happy Saturday! Am I the only one asking Gute not to sell the farm when all the visitors are flying off the board? And what about that flight of trades ?! I can’t continue, geesh! Just the chance to show how good these players are at this level but I’m happy with the first two players! Welcome to the gentlemen of Green Bay! Go Pack Go!

Gutekunst relied on his board and improved on the Packers defense Thursday night. Then he did the same thing as sin. You know how much I like Spoff and Treylon Burks. But once the Arkansas situation is over, you can’t just implement and plan an entertainer. The truth is that no further space was taken until Watson told him everything that needed to be said.

Bradley is from Watford City, ND

You say Watson reminds you of Jordy Nelson. I think Jeff Janis is better.

I suffer from Astraphobia, but that doesn’t mean I will stay in my house forever. There’s another big world out there, Bradley from Watford City. You have to go outside and see what is outside.

Chipper from Fairbank, IA

Boy, should we have fun taking good care of Sammy Watson and Watkins!

You did well, Larry.

Shawn is from Fort Worth, TX

With Walker joining a solid linebacker team, how do you see Krys Barnes ’position improving this season?

Barnes is a serious player. Not only will he compete with Walker to play in the defensive season this summer, but Barnes will also be involved in special teams. As we learned in 2020, Barnes alone suffers from having a critical role in the defense.

No question, but Mike’s response about filming in Green Bay and the running of options to tailgaters is funny! That was awesome!

I can’t wait for the first picture of a player hugging Roger Goodell while holding a brat with sauerkraut.

Matt from Bloomington, IN

I think when the Lions traded until 12 they were choosing their quarterbacks. I know none of us have had the glass ball, but I can’t imagine if one day they’ll look back and expect to have a first -round QB this year.

Maybe I’m making a bad receipt for myself, but I don’t think the Lions can get a quarter this year. This QB class is similar to 2013 than 2005 to me.

Scott from Albertville, MN

Became the head coach of the Green Bay Packers?

Yes. There was a man named Bart Starr. He coached the Packers for nine years. Then there was another man, Forrest Gregg, who came to Green Bay after leading Cincinnati to a Super Bowl.

Maybe a team will design a player based on the helmet logo they wore in college?

If memory serves, I think he was the 258th or 259th tiebreaker when it came to deciding who was the “best player.”

Johnny is from Fort Myers, FL

I didn’t think so, but out of curiosity, I wanted to look at the so -called experts counting the first circle of the picture. My biggest surprise on the Packers ’first day was the penalty from the critics. The best class they have is B-minus, I believe. That was just a joke! Didn’t they know that our best host since Don Hutson’s time, Donald Driver, is a seven -round pick? I can’t wait for those critics to start eating their words!

There is no food in their words, Johnny. They just send them and order new ones. The Packers continue without worrying about anything.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

We chose Walker, Wyatt and Watson. Is there anything we can choose with a last name starting with a W that can play a straight, safe or corner key?

As an honorary member of “Team Dub,” I like what I’m seeing right now. One day we will reunite today. Enjoy the marathon, folks.

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