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of the Consequences The series is a multimedia version of a franchise that is popular these days for mobile gaming Fate/Grand Order or more Famous/Night Stay change. However, the original author of ConsequencesKinoko Nasu, has created several franchises in that world, and one, that is, an anime story that deserves more improvement than it gets.

In the late 1990s, Nasu retired Kara no Kyoukaior The Garden of the Wickedas an online journal, with illustrations by the current author Consequences series designer Takashi Takeuchi. The story is set in Japan in 1990 in Mifune City in Tokyo, where a woman with supernatural powers works with her best friend and a magus named Touko to solve paranormal events.


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The History of The Garden of the Wicked

After TYPE-MOON was founded, Field of the wicked was published in 2004 by Kodansha and regained popularity. In the early 2000s, Nasu’s other works, such as VN Tsukihime or Famous/Night Stay gain great popularity and get animated transitions. Field of the wicked Anime maintenance would not be available until 2007 when studio Ufotable began turning it into a movie. Nowadays, without the latest progress with Demon killerUfotable is known for producing one of the most successful animated adaptations of the Fate series, from Blade’s actions are limitless i Heavenly thoughts to which Gen Urobuchi was admired Result/Zero. But he was Field of the wicked previously available as an animated transition from Ufotable.

One could argue that Ufotable works and cares Field of the wicked found in the model not only Consequences Properties will change, but the studio will do other honors. It’s hard to imagine Demon killerDigital effects work just as well as non -digital ones Field of the wicked pave the way.

The History

There are 10 movies in the series, some full movies, and some special movies. This is a story about Ryougi Shiki, an esper with multiple personalities, and a powerful power called “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception,” that allows him to see the lines – the flaws – in things. apau. Using this power, he can cut anything.

“Everything in this world has tears. It doesn’t matter to the person, the weather, someone’s will, or time. My eyes allow me to see death. So I can see death.” kill living beings, even if that is a god, ”Ryougi Shiki (The Garden of the Wicked 3: The Remnant of Sorrow).

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Not too strong? The story is about his collaboration with magus Touko Aozaki and his partner Mikiya Kokutou to investigate paranormal phenomena, usually terrifying, and created by magicians or espers such as Shiki. It’s a very eclectic style of thinking and openness and re -shows its difficulty as the lizard moves.

A slow Puhi

Movies are their own genre; a story told in chronological order, with each film dedicated to its own story, giving you pieces of the puzzle that relate to the whole story. In this way, the lizard can be difficult to get into, and it can be confusing.

In a way, this is a piece of beauty. Field of the wicked It may not be an easy read, but it pulls you in with its awesome features. For simplicity, this series has a vibe. A collection of fun tracks driven by the movies leave an immediate ending with a clever word or a deadly action given over to the protagonists.

The length of each film is different. Some are 45 minutes short and others are 2 full hours. Even though the running time is short, the moments continue and let you get the idea of ​​things. For some, the holiday season can be exhausting, but it’s interesting to watch an animated play that is portrayed as a life -threatening adventure.

Pretentious as it sounds, there’s an adult Field of the wicked crawling down into the depths of its darkness to entertain the imagination. There were many sorcerers and spirits and lore, but all were presented as other stories that tried to tell these things.

A Dark Thought

This is a very black franchise. Onlookers should be aware of the blood and pain, but the information about the abuse is shown in the third picture. Kinoko Nasu’s work is full of darkness, but her first work is very dark. So viewers will think while watching.

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While the lizard’s vibes can forgive some flaws, this isn’t a franchise without rage. This is the kind of lizard you look at once and then look again to see for yourself. One might expect the process to end one. In the first film alone, the status of a character, the impact of their position on the fence, and the exact nature of how they come to be in that character, is much better. .

“Wait, what’s the matter?”

The second film is a return to the meeting of the greats, but the cliff leaves your will and those events cannot continue until the seven films. Everything can be strange. For anything be able to It is not clear how to understand it.

This series is well done in general, but given the linear nature of time, there are many things that leave the viewer to cut their head off every now and then. Of course, some of the movies in this series are in the lion itself. Film 5 was approved. Paradox ParadigmThat’s good.

His story is told in a non -traditional way, but from the point of view of the details, giving the protagonist a focus and directing the attention. It was the longest -running and well -known film of the group. After watching movies 3 and 5, Yuki Kajiura’s song (Sword Art Online) begins to establish itself in the form of his best performance in his career, taking on climactic processes. .

The Lowly Hero

The protagonists of Kinoko Nasu can inspire anyone. Typically, male leaders are “comforting” or they may not be as humble as listeners. What things like Kokutou from Field of the wicked or from Shirou Consequences What demands hard walls is the depth behind that unobtrusive veneer.

They are – in their essence – great lovers who take care of trauma and their relationship with something more important than life brings out the best in them. Kokutou stood alone, that protest was given to Shirou Consequences or from Tohno TsukihimeKokutou doesn’t have any kind of super man under his skin.

He was a normal man who loved a tough, terrible, superhuman woman and gave them grace in order to tell them they were better. In some ways, like all of Nasu’s actions, it is a love story, even though it is a bad one. But sometimes a love story is too good to be true.

Those who love contemporary thinking or fans of the Consequences must give Field of the wicked a watch. This is how you look at the night with a drink to really get into the mood. It’s awesome, it’s beautiful, it’s fun, and that’s probably why Ufotable continues. Consequences property to this day.

The Garden of the Wicked available for streaming via Crunchyroll and available on Blu-ray via Aniplex of America.

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