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Kei Sanbe Sure it’s a track with stories about hurt little boys, isn’t it? But it’s hard to blame the protagonists of Deleted, About the boy I saw in my dreams, and now this series is too young for the horrible things they will go through when Sanbe works together to make a living specifics that will encourage you to grow faster over time. looking for the psychological consequences of that, you can feel like your age inside. Not according to your age. Such as Deleted, Island in a Puddle he took the knowledge of a nature and put it into a body that was not in harmony with their nature, and now the result was even more tragic, because Minato had changed his mind. fifth grade bodies with senior professional offender Tomohiro Takita – shortly afterwards. Takita was a murderer.

The idea is important for Minato. Because his mother did not leave him and his sister Nagisa, Minato’s life was ended by his need to keep his younger brother alive and happy while allowing him to believe in his return. their mother for good. Standing, she often returned home for a few days every two weeks, leaving her children starving and nearly starving for the rest of the time. Futaba’s neighbor (one of Sanbe’s young girls) and Minato’s friends at school begin to notice that his mother grew up careless, because there was another idea that no one really knew now that something was wrong. Although Nagisa is not known to go to school, Futaba is probably the only one who knows he is alive, and even more terrifying after Minato and Takita have changed bodies: if nothing else and if he be there, who can tell? if not?

The question, once the concept of the story is established, will be how the swapped duo will do things – and whether or not they can. Minato can be argued in a bad way; The crime scene was fixed to Takita’s face on the walls of the police station around the city, and the nickname he chose, Kuroda, was very close to the one Takita used in he killed two. Other kanaka, Kuromatsu. Minato was the only one to know about the third death, Mutsuki, Takita’s first bodyguard, but he was on the way over his head as a ten -year -old. Takita, meanwhile, rejoices in the fact that he has escaped his sins and has regained his life; All he had to do was wait for Minato’s body to grow and get back to work. He lived with Nagisa, however, that could be a problem; Futaba also knows that his actions are not right, and if he can lead him back to a corner, which is wrong.

There are several ways in which this story can go. While some of them have Takita finished taking care of Nagisa, others can find Minato coming to save the day in the aftermath of his arrest by the police. Mutsuki, Takita’s former co -worker, said he had a young son, which was not a detail in the story of where a child and a dog were cared for in the yard. We cannot say for sure where this will go as a testament to the quality of Sanbe’s writing of mysterious comedies; we can point things out May take, but, as we have seen in his earlier works, each action changes something of the world of history – which we do not know much about.

Island in a Puddle Which is, in some ways, a tougher story than any of Sanbe’s first titles released by Yen hits. (As a memo, Kodansha translates this.) While the children have shown much of the rest, Nagisa’s well -being is in great difficulty here, and as a matter of fact few people have been able to see it. Minato is in real trouble, and we don’t know if there’s a way to change him and Takita in their own bodies. It’s kind of confusing and scary (as opposed to scary), and it probably doesn’t apply to all readers. That said, if you enjoy Sanbe’s other work in a way, this is a must pick – it’s just the beginning, but the stakes are high and it’s hard not to want to see what’s to come.

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