Imran Khan lost confidence with 176 members voting against him in parliament.

Islamabad: After a long wait, the historic session of the National Assembly began to decide the fate of Imran Khan on Saturday night and the polls began 10 minutes before the clock struck. the 12th after much of midnight. The National Assembly adjourned after the motion of no confidence was taken. The skepticism against the PM has been shaken by opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif. Instead of a no -confidence vote, Speaker Asad Qaiser resigned as he left the House. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is standing in the no -confidence vote, seems to have agreed to write on the wall and urge his supporters to stage peaceful protests in the center of the country when the “imported government” came to power on Sunday. Khan gave a televised speech to the nation on the night of the no -vote in parliament, a day after Pakistan’s Supreme Court barred his speech to stay in power, saying decided his move would end Parliament and call for early elections. The court ruled on the basis of a no -confidence vote, with protesters saying they received 172 votes in the 342 -seat council needed to oust Khan, after some of his opponents royal member and a small, but key, teammate left. . “All of you should go out on the Sunday after the evening prayer to protest, to protest peacefully … I repeat, no harm,” he said.Also read – Islamabad Supreme Court is sued to block the imposition of Martial Law following Fawad Chaudhary’s ‘intimidation’.

The Pakistan political crisis is the latest

  • Imran Khan lost his temper: Imran Khan lost confidence with 176 members voting against him in the National Assembly of Pakistan.
  • The election ended in a no -confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan in the National Assembly of Pakistan.
  • Employees of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party coming out of the National Assembly continue to vote in the conservative vote against the Pakistani PM.
  • A motion has been filed in the Islamabad Supreme Court to include Imran Khan Shah, Mehmood Qureshi, and Fawad Chaudhary in ECL, Pakistan’s Geo News reported.
  • The National Assembly of Pakistan was adjourned for two minutes. The season will meet again.
  • After Pakistan National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser announced his resignation, opposition leader Ayaz Sadiq was invited to lead the assembly.
  • A no -confidence vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan has begun in Pakistan’s National Assembly.
  • Asad Qaiser Speaker of the Legislature, Dy Speaker Qasim Suri has resigned: President Asad Qaiser, Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri leaves parliament before not electing Prime Minister Imran Khan.
  • PPP leader Bilawal Zardari said an hour before the election, breaking the constitution a second time.
  • Fight to the end, says Imran Khan: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan told reporters “he will fight to the end,” before choosing not to trust him in parliament, adding that he has no intended to interfere with the activities of the Society.
  • Security outside of Parliament: Security was set up outside the Pakistan Museum in Islamabad ahead of the vote on the no -confidence motion against PM Imran Khan.
  • Pakistan’s Chief Justice has asked the staff to adjourn the court at midnight if the no -confidence vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan has not been held in the National Assembly, according to reports.
  • Imran Khan called former journalists to the prime minister, according to reports.
  • Islamabad is on high alert ahead of a credible election against Prime Minister Imran Khan in the National Assembly.
  • The Pakistan conference was adjourned until 10 PM IST immediately after the start after the Iftar break.
  • The Pak National Association will probably continue until 12:00 AM: The meeting will continue until 12 am (local time), while PM Imran Khan has called a meeting of the federal council at 9 pm, Pakistan’s Geo News reported. head of the National Assembly Secretariat.
  • Imran Khan called the industry in distress: Pakistani PM Imran Khan has called a crisis meeting of the cabinet amid lack of confidence in him under consideration in the National Assembly. The meeting is scheduled for 9:00 pm at the PM House with key decisions to be considered: Pak’s ARY News
  • Choudhary Fawad Hussain changes his Twitter bio: Pakistan’s Minister of Information and Publicity Choudhary Fawad Hussain switched his Twitter account to the former I&B Minister before voting in the opinion polls against Prime Minister Imran Khan.
  • Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called a crisis management team tonight at 9:30 pm IST.
  • Bilawal Bhutto Zardari accused Imran Khan: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Bilawal Bhutto has launched an attack on Imran Khan in the Legislative Assembly and has said that Khan will be defeated if the elections are held.
  • Bilawal Bhutto Zardari told the conference: Peoples Party (PPP) President Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said in a speech at the stadium, Prime Minister Imran Khan was the “first captain to run off the pitch with wickets for fear of losing the game. “
  • Refer to the application filed against the SC’s order in a no -confidence motion: An appeal was filed against the Film Court’s order seeking a no -confidence motion. The government has filed a review petition against the decision of the Film Council on the decision of the Deputy Director to make a no -confidence motion in the National Assembly: Pakistan’s ARY News
  • Don’t put Pakistan in a constitutional crisis, Qureshi said: The nation will decide. Forget about my mention as a member of PTI. I say as a Pakistani now, please don’t put this country in a constitutional crisis: Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi
  • Qureshi said PTI Govt wants good relations with everyone: They (US) want to look at Pak & India in different contexts. They said they would look at India through the lens of China. PTI govt wants better relations with all and increase our diplomatic potential including Russia, China: Foreign Minister Pak Shah Mahmood Qureshi
  • Qureshi speaks to the National Assembly: Pakistan is a state… I want to record the story, that US NSA called the NSA of Pakistan and ordered us not to go (Russia). Who is the nation commanded like this ?: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister and PTI leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi in the National Assembly.
  • No -confidence vote against PM Imran Khan expected after 8 PM: Media Pakistan
  • The meeting will continue after the weekend, with the Oppn meeting commencing at Shahbaz’s office: The session of the National Assembly, which is scheduled to begin at 1 pm (IST), has not resumed until tensions between the opposition parties and the Speaker continue. The season will continue after the holidays. Meanwhile, a meeting of protesters is taking place at Shahbaz Sharif’s office.
  • Imran Khan, however, sent Minister Qureshi to replace him: Pakistani Prime Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said he would present Imran Khan and PTI to the National Assembly. “I’ll talk about all the conditions in the House,” Qureshi said. Qureshi is currently speaking at the National Assembly.
  • Shehbaz Sharif, the former PM Post, called for the election “I hope the Speaker will carry out the business of the House today as directed by the Supreme Court. I urge you to abide by the Constitution and the law. You have to seize this moment with your faith, ”said Shahbaz Sharif, the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly.
  • Some of the PTI members in the house are Shehryar Afridi, Shireen Mazari, Shafqat Mehmood, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Ghulam Sarwar and Ejaz Shah.
  • Twenty-two rebel leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party were in the National Assembly before the no-confidence vote against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.
  • Imran Khan’s party had no members in the Legislature before the no -confidence vote

Political Problem of Pakistan: 10 People

Pakistan’s latest political crisis erupted last Sunday, when Khan dropped the opposition’s first trust letter – a request that took weeks ago – and he complained that his opponents for joining the United States to free him. Also read – Imran Khan denies evidence demanding the release of General Bajwa

Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf side lost most of the trial earlier this month when a key ally said its seven lawyers were running against the opposition. More than a dozen lawyers for the ruling party also reported that they would go to the floor. Also read – Minister close to Imran Khan advises to impose Martial Law, says the Court Not above Parliament.

Opposition groups called for more than 172 votes in the 342 -seat assembly, requiring a quarter of all members to attend a quorum.

Prime Minister Imran Khan called on people to take to the streets on Sunday to peacefully protest against a “taken over government”.

PM Khan said foreign governments were trying to overthrow his government and that Pakistani lawyers were being traded like sheep to accomplish this.

Qasim Suri, Khan’s party and deputy speaker, rejected the no -confidence vote on the grounds of the meeting and his Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry described to the opposition as “inappropriate. state, “and accused them of associating with a foreign government.

Khan ended Parliament and called early elections but opponents went to the House with his case.

Imran Khan also lashed out at the national media, calling it a “celebration” of the fall of the government.

The Supreme Court on Friday overturned PM Khan’s move to block a parliamentary election seeking to oust him. The dismissal of the no -confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan was “unreasonable”, the Pakistan Supreme Court said.

If Imran Khan loses, he will be the first prime minister to be removed by a no -confidence vote. Opposition groups called for a new prime minister, who will be in office until August 2023, when new elections will be held.


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