‘I’m running and repeating’ – £ 25m signing Brenden Aaronson shows nerves over Leeds United’s demise

The midfielder, a £ 25m signing from RB Salzburg, flew to Manchester on Wednesday night and flew back from England tomorrow morning on a holiday trip to his new home.

Today is Leeds ’window to secure a deal before the 21 -year -old joins the United States men’s national team for a quartet of world championships starting next week.

Aaronson woke up early, reporting to LivingCare in Leeds at 7am before finishing the rest of his doctorate at Thorp Arch and then arriving at the stadium he hoped to love with goals and help the community. Premier League next year.

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“It sounds kind of cliche, but it’s beautiful and old – it’s amazing,” he told YEP after signing a five -year deal.

“Listen, I’m from America, so the culture of going back is not far away but you come to a stadium that has been surrounded for a long time, you know, and it’s a good idea. it’s as far as I can tell. just draw with the fans inside.

“I think it’s amazing, it’s amazing to be playing for a famous and big team like this. I think [what attracted me] Everything that comes together, the fans, the community in general, the city, the idea of ​​the family that you are coming to, that’s all.

Aaronson has five months to rest his head on the idea of ​​playing in the Premier League for the Yorkshire giants. Leeds tried to buy him in January but Salzburg did not release him, starting with the striker entering their two -home search and a Champions League match of 16 with Bayern Munich.

NEW BOY – Brenden Aaronson has signed Leeds United to a £ 25m deal for RB Salzburg.

He agreed to the rip -off when Leeds paid £ 20m for his services.

“I found out about the interest in January and then played half -time with Red Bull Salzburg, and it was a good half -time,” he said.

“It was a tough decision, but in the end, I don’t have any of that sometimes and I’m in the team and I’m happy in every way, you know? I love Red Bull Salzburg and what they have. worked for me, so I wasn’t worried about that, to always play in the Champions League.Summer came and the deal was over.

He was an important introduction to European football for Aaronson, before rising from the Austrian Bundesliga to the top flight in England. He enjoyed the last Lions and doubles, playing eight times in the Champions League and scoring 13 goals, including 15 assists for a start after leaving Philadelphia Union in MLS.

“I’ll just say one word – amazing,” he said of his time in Austria.

“I was so grateful that that team brought me in and I played right at the start and I had a year and a half playing fun football. I was very happy. And it was a really good time. to play in the Champions League, Europa League. It’s a huge leap in my career. “

Aaronson, 21, has a wealth of knowledge to improve his European and international career and thinks he has arrived in Leeds as a better player than ever. left the US in 2021 to sign for Jesse Marsch in Salzburg.

“I think a lot of things [are different] – I think my game has improved to play the new levels, so when Jesse was there I was playing a left center attacking center, but when it came Matthias Jaissle, I played like a 9/10 lie. So there are new positions, learning new things about my game and growing. “

Aaronson doesn’t need to be too short on what Marsch will ask him in Leeds thanks to his first knowledge of American football. What the Premier League will ask him is something else. Many players find that changing the physical appearance of the division and its competitors is a real struggle. The young man thought he was ready.

“I already knew what Jesse wanted me to do,” he told YEP.

“He takes this with him and he takes each team. I haven’t talked to him about this team in a big way, but I know what he wants from his players and somewhere. he sees me playing and I want to do the best I can for him and for the team.

“I know the standard is very high, I know the lions are really tough and there are a lot of games, but I think I’m a player who is ready for this jump and I’m confident in myself. I’m ready to help. team as much as I can.

While he won’t be reunited with his new teammates and with his worldly performance and vacation to follow, the introductions will have to wait until the first moment. However, he watched them play. He said he had followed most of the games since January, as Leeds struggled to stay at the top flight. It’s no secret that moving on for life, so his Premier League dream is tied to the club’s finals as well as his new team -mates. He worked on a Sunday evening in Austria.

“I was in Vienna with my friend for two days and I couldn’t stay in the hotel, I had to go out,” he said.

“We were in the cafe and I was watching the game and I couldn’t pull myself together. As if I was tired, I was running. I didn’t think like this about a football game before, it was worth it, but I was very tired. I ran and it wasn’t fun, but the result was good.

Leeds did the job in Brentford and now Aaronson has a new job.

Even in his young years, an outlay of £ 25m puts him in a bracket to come with some hope and responsibility. Leeds believe he is the right player for the Marsch system and needs to invest.

He does not promise to pay next year for goals, but he promises to do everything he can for Leeds.

“The one goal, for me, is for the team to move forward,” he told YEP.

“Helping the team as much as I can – whether it’s getting goals, getting help or change, or maybe not having the best games but you’re getting stronger from the ball , That’s what I want to do.

“I am very happy. I have a world vacation, I want a good vacation but all I have to think about is coming back here.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be here.”

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