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Having a District 42 tournament that has improved his game over the past two seasons is not a suitable setting for Scott County softball on Friday night, 24 hours after he won his annual pride battle. and Great Crossing.

“This game is more important than the other night,” said Kenley Ison, SC’s top scorer. “We told the girls there was another game. We need the same energy. We told them not to come out flat, equally strong, and we would win the game.

Ison tore through the Bryan Station field throwing three hard-hitting shots, including two from the same spot on the court on the left, giving SC a 6-0 home victory.

Scott County cut two runs in the second inning and grew to four to five, leaving the game only to the strong left hand of new pitcher Ada Little.

Little took an application for his first high school to not be locked up until the last stop at Bryan Station, where Brooke Weathers defended with a solid ball in the middle to prevent that result.

Nine strikes and more in the air on the right side of the field were two examples of the Defenders’ back swings and Little’s command.

“Ada is better every year,” Ison said. “I love Ada with all my heart, and I’m so happy to see what she does, because she’s amazing.”

Karsyn Preston gave up two hits for Scott County (8-2), with a two off on the right field that sealed a double and broke the stalemate in the second.

He saved the no-hitter in the top of the fifth, went to the bag in the second and back when Weathers shot, then threw the money from his knees to see first out.

“I closed my eyes a little. I’m thankful that Ada could throw her to hit the ground and do the defensive work, ”Preston said.“ Most of the time it’s 1-2-3 and we just stand there and give. to Ada for her compliments. “

SC built on that energy and tore a wide gap halfway through that inning. Ison started growing up with his twin of the evening.

“They were like Coach (Don) Murphy and Coach Billy (James), ‘You’re pulling your head.’ I listened to Billy, I looked at the ball, and I hit the lines, ”Ison said. “We all work together. Some beat him, and the others began to feed him. “

Little went in front of a double out of salt on the right field by Delaney Vaughn to make it 3-0. Kayleigh Bell followed by hitting that same line, with number two.

Jenna McMillan increased the engagement with a one -two. He set up Ellie Price, who switched left -handers, to strike for the night after the first season’s fall from the right.

The price is lowered to the bottom of the third main page which is very hot in service, making it the last run.

“Three years ago when I had him as a new kid, I tried to make him a printer, and he hated it,” James said. “He sent me a text last night and said, ‘Should I change back?’ I said it couldn’t hurt. One i-bat equals 15 pitches. He said, ‘I know better because I need to think again.’

Scott County, which has won the district tournament in 15 seasons, is 2-0 to start that program this season.

“He really won the team. The number shows that, “Preston said.” We came out of a flat, which was supposed to be coming from a competition. As we left, we re -entered and did our work. “

The Lady Cards played the wrong ball against GC and Bryan Station, games marked by the esprit de corps heard in the SC dugout.

“I think it’s important inside. We’re going to enjoy each other, picking on each other, that’s what helps us win games more than anything,” Ison said. “When we have our shield to support our bowl, it gives Ada all the confidence in the world, and that’s why we win games.”

Scott County had a busy week before with six games, close to home: Shelby County (Tuesday), Woodford County (Wednesday) and Henry Clay (Friday) all at his home field, then Pendleton County, Mercy and with Lafayette in a tournament on Saturday. and Great Crossing Park.

“We’ll see how we do it. I want to play on one of these selected teams. It’s a good first try,” James said. “We’re leaving a team (baserunners), but if we put six runs up, we’re not going to lose a lot. Ada sounds good right now. She did last year. .We didn’t count many runs.


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