How Wano Arc solved the big problems of Anime

The One Piece anime has been ridiculed by fans and critics for years, but Wano arc has done a lot of work to fix its name.

Over the years, the One piece The anime has had a variety of problems, but the Wano arc has come a long way in solving the most common problems. The manga has long had great success around the world, as well One piece became the most popular manga of all time and the second best -selling comic book in all history since. Superman. The anime didn’t end up with the same level of improvement, but the current arc has shown a good effort to change that.

For years, the One piece The anime has received a lot of criticism from people for not knowing how good it is. Not only is the variety of art and gathering and often mischievous, but the pacing of a crawl is almost slow; sometimes the One piece The anime is mostly full -length, and at other times the pieces are changed one chapter of the manga at a time. These problems only got worse over the years, and in the end, it became common for anime to end because of the fact that manga is the main channel of knowledge. One piece.


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None of these problems are over, but starting in 2019 with the Wano arc, the One piece The anime has worked hard to solve its problems. For starters, the art style isn’t just transformed into a much crisper memory style Dragon Ball Super: Brolybut it is more consistent and animated with a higher frequency of sakuga, or the moments of the anime film and the promotion of a great increase in quality in order to enhance a character. The anime has its problems with pacing, but now it’s balanced with moments of stellar animation that can enhance the overall experience rather than pulling it down.

The success of the Wano arc is indebted to the people at Toei Animation, but one person who deserves the credit is director Megumi Ishitani. Although Ishitani is a newcomer to anime, each episode he manages has received a lot of praise not only for having good animation, but also for his use of visual elements and direction. to add a level of flair like an anime. One piece Not available. Episode 982 was highly acclaimed by the Netflix host Castlevania series, another show that has been praised for its features and animation (via Twitter), and Ishitani’s latest performance in episode 1015 was praised as a filmmaker by the audience. The Wano arc has previously shown many moments of animation and direction, so Ishitani’s ability to model those things is a much more realistic demonstration of his ability and character. bring them hither. One piece.

Thanks to what appears to be a complete editing in the making, the One piece The anime has achieved a level of quality in the Wano arc that hasn’t been available in years, and overall interest and entertainment has grown with it. Old problems with One piece The anime continues to some degree, but those problems aren’t as close as they used to be. All in all, the anime has reached a point where it can be seen as as realistic as the manga.

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One piece releases new episodes on Saturday on Crunchyroll.

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