How to unravel the nature of the Bat

One of the biggest video games on the 1997’s original PlayStation collection Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which has been re -released in various formats for new consoles. Serving as a deputy Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night change the whole Castlevania franchise with its nonlinear gameplay, related to the quest. It’s new to cast Alucard, Dracula’s son, as the protagonist.

There were many things Alucard could do to help him during his visit to his father’s castle. As a dhampir himself, Alucard can unlock supernatural powers to help him fight off his enemies, with the ability to transform into a giant vampire spider. Here’s how to unlock the best Bat Form, the free powers that come with this magical transformation and how to find new enhancements that will enhance Alucard’s transformation.

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Where to find the spirit of the Bat Relic in Castlevania: SOTN

Each change to Symphony of the Night It is found in the search for objects, which are spoken of in the game as spirit relics. The Bat Form is used by the Soul of Bat relic. In order to access this relic, Alucard must be equipped with the Leap Stone and Soul of Mist relic. The Soul of Bat is at the Library. On the long staircase to the left, double -jump the threshold just below the storage room to enter a new storage area.

After going to another storage room, Alucard encounters an area of ​​the library filled with armies and Dhuron bones. The bottom of this piece leads to a top fight against a Little Demon who relies on short cuts and often calls for ectoplasm and mucus as a stimulant. After his win, progress outside his headquarters to see a grating that will allow Alucard to walk when he is converted to Mist Form.

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The Treasures of Paper in Castlevania: SOTN

Like everything Symphony of the NightInstead, Alucard will continue to eat magic points while maintaining his Form Bat, returning to normal when his magic meter expires. In Bat Form, Alucard is able to fly around the castle, now able to access areas that could not be drawn before the map. Alucard flies slowly, making him an easy target for enemies, so it’s wise to be careful.

The Bat Form was not defended, it was also equipped with an attack called Wing Smash. Eating a small chunk of magic, this attack will send Alucard hurting forward in his Bat Form, hitting something in his path before returning. The Bat Form is better than the Bat Familiar, as it flies closer to Alucard after confusing his modified form for a potential ally.

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Extensions of the Bat in Castlevania: SOTN

There are three enhancements available for Bat Form in Symphony of the Night, each giving Alucard a new power in this way. Improving the game will only end the game Echo of Bat, where Alucard is able to release a sonar wave and briefly see what is in front of him in dark places. This is especially easy when navigating a dark room full of spikes after the game. The Echo of Bat is found in Olrox’s Quarters after the lord fights the vampiric Olrox. Like the Wing Crash, the emission of the sonar wave destroys the magic points.

The Echo of Bat can be further enhanced with the Force of Echo, which allows the sonar wave to destroy enemies captured in its path. This increase comes to Reverse Caverns after beating doppelgänger Alucard last season. In the Clock Tower of the traditional castle, Alucard can jump up to retrieve Bat’s fire, an upgrade that allows him to spit fireballs into Bat Form at the expense of items. fortune teller.

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