How the legacy of the show continues

Even though it’s been almost three years since HBO’s (kind of) humiliating end Games of Thrones, The eternal effects of the show’s popularity continue to show no sign of going any further soon. even though The game of thrones, in his own right, he did not re -create the form, he changed the form. More precisely, he changed the way people thought about him.

More than Games of Thrones, swords and magic tricks for children. While they can be dark, heavy, or show as much skin as they want, broad -mindedness is what makes it different or interesting, for young people. Games of Thrones He changed it by showing that a strong sword and a magical story could not be made well, but to do so with a strong mind. The show didn’t do anything that people don’t think is silly. It has eternal consequences for the entire universe and those who live in it.


even though Games of ThronesThe final result may have left a bad taste in the mouths of some fans, there is no denying that it left its mark on the hearts and minds of all who watched. Thoughtful stories can’t be really thought out, and studios are more willing to throw money at whoever wants to do it. Games of Thrones Which is to prove that people are willing to pay to look at the same thing. Netflix The Witcher a Castlevaniaor Amazon The Wheel of Timeand The History Channel’s Vikings prove that this is true.

Here’s what the show’s legacy looks like years after its end.

Parents are placed in a fantasy world

Games of Thrones He did more than allow his words to swear and show the size of the skin (often gratuitous), because , when the two things were done, they didn’t really pay attention to the story. Although in the scenes where there was no one naked, those scenes were shown so that the naked man did not diminish what was going on in the main story and, in doing so, presented themselves as flavoring well -prepared food. just to eat. The show’s pledge policy was the same, although few people took the pledge, none of them did every word. Most people are simple and don’t think it’s right to use bad ones. Games of the ThroneThe idea of ​​these two was shown to be that the lizard could mature and mature, and it was not considered necessary to pander to anyone because they could want to.

More than his characters and characters, the story is the motivator behind why people listen.. Because of this, some of the characters don’t forget the big picture, even if they played a small part in it. Same report The Witcher a The Wheel of Time It’s the same way, even though they realize that while the audience is coming for what he has to show, it’s the story that captures them and keeps them going.

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If people like violence or the naked, they can be found everywhere. Games of Thrones They realized that while they could report these things, they needed more if they wanted to keep the people coming back. This is especially true of this kind of thinking, even if they do bad things, say bad things, or are naked, the story is always different and people keep coming back more than anything else.

The Fantasy style is going strong

As mentioned before, of course Games of Thrones It may have been one of the first swords and magic ideas for getting the serious HBO that deserved it, but in the world of pen and paper, the style has always taken its own. For the success of Games of Thrones, however, it is only now that studios and producers are beginning to look at these properties as opportunities to make real money, and so many of them are undergoing lifestyle changes. These changes address the subject with as much difficulty as necessary and do not try to embarrass anyone because it is a point of view.

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One of the best examples of this is Amazon The Wheel of Timefor all the books in which the lizard was founded have been around since the 1990s, but only later Games of Thrones It proved to be a challenge for producers and studios to watch them. This trend will not end soon. The report showed how much money is made mentally, and there are many mental assets that can make a difference.

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