How Spy x Family & Kotaro live in the Twist Twist Anime family

There are only spoilers for Kotaro Lives Alone, streaming on Netflix, and Spy x Family, streaming on Crunchyroll.

Kotaro lived alone a Kiu x Ohana Two anime that were very different at first glance, but they both shared a beautiful family picture that made each series forget. The trope of a family is typical of anime, but these two groups introduced it in interesting ways to help make it as inspiring as it is fun.

Kotaro lived alone launched on March 10, 2022 as a primary net animation on Netflix. After Kotaro is the eight -year -old story, a five -year -old boy who moves into a house of his own and the relationships he develops when his older neighbors see him living alone. The anime doesn’t immediately explain why Kotaro is himself, other characters or the public. Although he talks quietly with his neighbors, it is known that although Kotaro is not independent and skilled, he always wants special relationships and memories to come surrounded by friends and family. families.

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Kotaro’s memories were scattered in pieces, revealing his past pain and his relationship with his parents. Unbeknownst to her neighbors, they try to comfort her at home and take care of her. Karino, Kotaro’s best friend, was an inexperienced manga artist who took on the role of a father.

Although he was the first to complain about the immediate claim, he couldn’t help but worry about Kotaro not being taken care of. Kotaro says he doesn’t need Karino to watch over him but they always find themselves in each other’s company, with Karino learning more about the child’s characteristics and development. a strong relationship with each other.

The other villagers, Mizuki and Isamu, keep a watchful eye on Kotaro, blame Karino for not understanding him, and help them both in a way. a pseudo-three parent. Kotaro’s past experiences with his family – and the law of his current status – were compounded by the laughter and heartbreak of his neighbors and new friends at kindergarten. Kotaro teaches people around her how to appreciate what they have and teaches how to have fun with a child and how to love family. Unbeknownst to others, Kotaro was surrounded by a caring family.

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Loid, Anya and Yor Forger in the anime Spy X Family

Kiu x Ohana A highly anticipated story that originally began as part of the spring 2022 anime lineup. Much like Kotaro lived alone, the story follows the traditional family style and context that will guide the story. The mockery follows a spy named Twilight as he tries to track down Donovan Desmond, the leader of an extremist political party.

The only way to get closer to Desmond is for Twilight to become Loid Forger, Anya’s loving father and Yor’s husband, so that young Anya can go to private school. like Desmond’s son. The combination of controversy and ridicule is Yor’s secret killer and while Loid and Yor don’t know the real knowledge and skills, little Anya reads the thoughts and sees the True whole.

Despite their status as a foreigner, errors are considered. When Yor is introduced, Anya immediately realizes that he is a murderer and takes her and Loid to arrange. Yor was previously considered a tourist by his co -workers due to his isolation, so sharing an event with Loid would help alleviate another problem. Loid described himself as Yor’s husband in the first place, and decided to use his right to avoid further prosecution. The fact that he wasn’t distracted by his eccentricities was an additive. What to do Kiu x Ohana What really stands out, however, is the dedication of the images to play their role as a family that comes from the truth.

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spy x family loid and anya komo

Instead of seeing her as a prop, Loid tries to understand Anya and learn how to be a good parent. Anya knows the reality of her profession, she sees the real challenges to the father coming from Loid and accepts them wholeheartedly. Anya and Loid are orphans and, as missionaries, seek to fulfill the aspirations of a family that has passed them by for a long time. While the family may be “deceitful,” it is true that they care and are determined to protect each other.

Anime fans may be looking for a short -lived anime to binge on or a long story with more action, two. Kotaro lived alone a Kiu x Ohana he would be pleased to give a gentle pull to the heart.

Loid and Yor at the opening for Spy x Family

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