How Richter’s Dracula Fight in Alucard’s Stats

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night considered one of the best and most serious video games of all time, and for good reason. Symphony of the Night Players have learned to take care of Dracula’s son, Alucard, and introduced the non -linear strategy that has become a staple for the lizard over the years. The game also had a much longer lifespan before its first release on the 1997 PlayStation thanks to the various ports it has available over the years.

Even the players will be very protective of Alucard at the moment Symphony of the Nightthe game really started with players like Richter Belmont during the final round of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. This prologue sets the stage for the rest of the game, but it’s not the only reason players listen to this first part of the game. The fact that the players defeat Dracula in this piece will determine Alucard’s strength when the players gain control of him.

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It’s not surprising that most players don’t see the effect of the prologue for the rest of the game, even though most of the changes are hard to tell if one doesn’t know who to watch. up to. There are 16 results, although many cannot be covered, as they are different classes of each other. The three most famous ones are the ones that give the Alucard stuff right when they start the game.

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If the player is about to lose the fight, Maria Renard will come and help Richter, making him a loser for the rest of the fight. If this is possible, players start with a Potion. If the player defeats Dracula with no hearts left, Alucard will star in the game with Heart Refresh. By collecting the hearts in the secret room, players start with a Neutron Bomb, and a +1 to their INT stat. If players show up to the room without taking anything, they get a +1 on their STR.

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The remaining effects directly increase player stats at the start of the game, which can have a significant impact on their strength. An important note about the switch is that, whether playing on Xbox 360 power or in luck, the score cannot be increased. The initial order of scoring is based on how much damage a player has suffered in a fight. Defeating Dracula without taking damage leads to a +1 in STR, CON, INT, and LCK and a +5 in HP. Condemning Dracula with half the remaining health but still taking the damage gives +1 to STR. If a player’s health is less than half that, he gets a +1 to CON.

Judge SotN

The next organization will base themselves around sub-weapons. If players do the same thing as above but without using a sub-weapon, the stats will be different. No sub-weapons and no damage are taken to give a +1 to CON and INT and a +5 to LCK and HP. Half the health will give a +1 to INT and less than half the health will give a +1 to STR. By using sub-weapons and defeating Dracula the Cross without help from Maria, players will start with +5 to their MP and Hearts. If someone hits Dracula with Holy Water and has about half of their health left, they start with +1 to INT and +5 to their Heart.

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The final set of bonuses depends on how long it takes players to defeat Dracula during the prologue. If it takes more than 10 minutes, players get a +1 to CON. If they run in two to three minutes, they get a +1 to LCK, and one or two minutes gives a +2 to LCK. Finally, if players can beat Dracula in less than a minute, they get a +5 in overall stats, allowing players to start with a huge power bonus, even though this is a challenge. .

Although most video game prologues are designed to set the story and teach players the basic mechanics of the game. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night the prologue is great for those who want the best start. However, those who can’t get the best bonuses won’t be harmed, because things will be fair in the final game. This new system allows smart players to get bonuses without having to take anything away from new players.

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