How old is Runa Yomozuki, really?

Kakegurui examples of women who came in all shapes, sizes, styles and personalities. There is also a wheelchair. There are also pop images. Some gamblers, as the title of the show suggests. However, for all the different types of girls featured in the series, there is something different in flight that is worth noting – Yomozuki Runa is like a child.

Some of the best young girls as usual Kakegurui, Runa for some reason is kind of a little girl. It’s not uncommon to see girls in the anime, but it always leads to questions as to why they look so young and how old they really are. In Runa’s case, his age was not given, so it was up to the fans to decide. Here is a number of his ages based on available information.

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The first impression on the mind of a girl like Runa is that she is in elementary or middle school. He was not the only one to say this. His manners, manners of language and Kigurumi The dress represents some of this age group. He was often seen playing video games and eating candy, both of which were often associated with young children. As if he was younger than the other students at Hyakkaou Private Academy, he wasn’t without a teacher.

If Runa was a small child, however, it must be explained why he went to high school, and in his old age he was not less. One possibility is that he was smart enough to be allowed to drop a few classes in advance. As a member of the Student Council and leader of the Electoral Commission, she truly demonstrated a level of education beyond traditional high schools.

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The other thing was that he was in a relationship with a school official. If that was the case, he would not have to be a student to be allowed to go on Hyakkaou campus. There are no signs of him going to class, so there is a time like this. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of this in history, so the theory is doubtful.

The best answer, or the simplest, is that Runa is a high school student with a minor. She is not an elementary school girl – she looks the same because she is 4’3 “. There are many explanations for this, including lack of food and dwarfism. Although the report does not explain her height or her childish face.This is the safest idea.

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Runa’s childhood behavior can be related to cutesy, or kawaii, pretty. In Japan, there is a strong tendency to complain of kawaii entering the culture. Many Japanese women of all ages are interested kawaii, Although the young girls were the biggest winners in the show. In this case, although Runa was not a real child, her childhood was the best way to cultivate her feelings. kawaiiso he just rides and plays the piece.

In addition, if Runa is a minor, he will not explain the rest of the Election Committee. Like Runa, the members of this Committee have small houses Kigurumi. They are very smart elementary school girls or short and beautiful high school students.

Runa Yomozuki may be around 17 or 18; the age range of three -year Japanese high school students. Unless he avoids the abilities of superintelligence or family relationships, he must fall into this same age group. His kawaii Getting closer to life can be thought of as childish, but it is not necessary. She may not be a buxom beauty like most of the Kakegurui throw it away, but he can be more like them than he agrees.

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