How many Belmont stories will be told?

CastlevaniaAs is well known here, it was a video game series that began in 1986 with the release of the first game on the lizard, called Named. Castlevania, on the Famicom Disk System in Japan before being taken to the Nintendo Entertainment System in the United States a year later. Since then, the lizard has added twenty -nine games to this day. Then in 2017, to everyone’s surprise, Netflix revealed their new product to the world. Castlevania The animated stories were created by Frederator Studios and renowned songwriter and illustrator Warren Ellis as a thought -provoking concept behind the project.


The series ran for four seasons and became a huge hit, thanks to expert writing Warren Ellis and renowned artists such as Richard Armitage and Graham McTavish in the lead. Because it’s harder, of course, to demand more, and Netflix is ​​more willing to provide.

In May 2021, Netflix announced something new Castlevania Spin-off series have already been made. He would run Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades’ grandson, Richter Belmont, and be appointed during the French Revolution. Like Trevor before him, with twenty -nine games in the series, there are a plethora of reasons why Netflix can pull from a distance where Richter’s story can go, but the story ends with ia. Many other members of the Belmont family found their time in the light, some long before Trevor and Richter met. Ideally, Netflix Castlevania it can continue when you find a Belmont with a story to tell, but how long will it continue? To enter the lore of the Castlevania games, they will know that question is answered.

There are too many Belmont


With twenty -nine games in Castlevania series, most of them have their own stories with their own protagonists, as there are few sequels directly to the Castlevania series, many Belmonts are known. One of the most famous members of the Belmont family besides Trevor and Richter was Simon Belmont, the protagonist of the first two games, Leon Belmont, who started the Belmont family line, Julius Belmont, who killed to Dracula for good in 1999. and Gabriel Belmont, the protagonist of the past Castlevania: Lords of the Secret moʻo.

With so many Belmonts to choose from, Netflix’s decision to jump straight from Trevor to Richter was surprising, even though there are so many Belmonts among them. Simon Belmont, for example, is the son of Trevor and Sypha, so continuing the story with him is a must. Although Belmont will take center stage, however, their history will end at some point.

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As an animated series, of course, the events told in that story can be compared without exactly matching the games. Like most long -form video games, some Castlevania Games are better than anything else. It’s worth asking if if the animated series goes straight from Trevor to Richter, how many more generations of Belmont could be released? Trevor’s story is taken over four seasons released in five years to tell, and it’s fair to believe that Richter’s story may be the same time to tell. If it takes too long to tell the story of a Belmont, Netflix can’t tell the story of every Belmont, which means they have to pick and choose which stories to tell correctly. However, even if that is the case, there is canonically a definitive end to the conflict between the Belmont family and the vampire Dracula.

The end of the fight


According to the Castlevania canon, Dracula can live again after the victory, Belmont must come and kill him again. Dracula won for good without a new resurrection by Julius Belmont in 1999. This event is known throughout the world of “Demon Castle War” and is not directly described in any game. The first report of these events took place in 2003 Castlevania: Aria of Sorrowswhere the musician, Soma Cruz, is able to meet some of the participants in that war, including Julius Belmont himself, after a time when he has lost his memory and must regain it. ia.

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Because the events of Demon Castle War aren’t exactly covered, however, it’s only Netflix and Warren Ellis (he thinks he’s on board for the whole thing) that are more freedom of thought about what really accounts for the events of that war. . Of course, if there was a canonical outcome to the war between the Belmont clan and Dracula, it was the Demon Castle War. If there is a place to end the Castlevania animated series, there.

After the events of the Demon Castle War, the story begins to look less closely at the Belmont and Dracula family, so there is no reason to tell those stories unless fans are required to.

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