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The world of Japanese animation is getting bigger and better, and anime fans can stream their favorite songs in a variety of ways, with Crunchyroll and Funimation being the most popular streaming streaming services. for anime. However, anyone looking for a new show for binge can find a lot of anime on popular social media platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and of course, the huge Netflix stream.

Netflix has upgraded its anime game, which could compete backwards with Crunchyroll and Funimation with its huge roster and different types of anime to watch, with big titles like. One piece, bleach a Demon killer. Now, fans of anime shows set in high school can also find things to watch on Netflix as well, as there are so many solid options to choose from on this site.

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The anime rom-com series Komi could not speak it’s an important year in 2021, and the story has started to return to Netflix for the second time during the anime season Spring 2022. This beautiful high school anime series features the dandere heroine Komi Shoko, a beautiful girl but it is a shame to have a speech impediment.

Komi set her goal to have 100 friends before leaving, and her social life changed when she met her simple but kind classmate Tadano Hitohito, who helped her. to start new friends. Komi’s trip was a fun and enjoyable trip to the high school, which took place a lot at Itan High School and other attractions around the city, such as ramen shops or lakes. outside water. Komi’s new life began.

Kakegurui attended high school

ryota suzui a me jabami yumeko mai kakegurui

The anime series Kakegurui is in high school, but it’s a very different animal than similar shows Komi could not speak or Nisekoi. At Hyakkou private academy, the boys and girls of the elite are on the paths of high -end gambling, dealing with the total daily wealth of vigorous competition over dice, cards and roulette tables.

However, this traditional school is turned downhill when the evil villain Jabami Yumeko – a wild and hedonistic girl who is behind one thing: the first pleasure of gambling in its true form. He didn’t want fame and fortune – he wanted happiness, and Hyakkou would never be like that again.

Rascal has no dream for young girl Senpai to smash Anime lovers in the minds

Rascal has no dreams in the anime Bunny Girl Senpai

The short but popular anime series Rascal has no dreams of being Bunny Senpai More than just a high school anime – it’s a serious quest and a way of dealing with the demons inside and trying to grow as a human being. The protagonist is a high school student named Azusagawa Sakuta who meets a quiet girl named Mai, who is not dressed like the bunny girl in the middle of the library, even though no one see him.

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Sakuta and Mai soon became friends at school, and vowed to help others suffering from what they called “childhood illness,” including the happy and shy sister of Sakuta, Kaede was replaced. It would be silly to see a cowboy girl in the library, but Sakuta and Mai’s journey would be much shorter, and their lives would change forever.

Nozaki-Kun is the girls of the month based on Shojo Manga

moon girl nozaki kun

Nozaki-Kun of the girls of the month It’s an anime story set in high school, with Nozaki Umetaro as the protagonist who can’t think of homework or lectures. He’s even more into his shojo manga manga series Love us, and he could use some help. He didn’t turn his attention to Sakura Chiyo, but he was happy to have her as the newest helper in his living room, and Chiyo was happy to spend time at Nozaki’s oh- so-cool and help her make a good manga for the fans. be happy.

By the way, these other guys are seen as hijinks at school with their friends and classmates, and best of all, Nozaki is able to use these motivators in new chapters. of his manga series – although his editor doesn’t edit it. as Nozaki did.

Toradora! Stars Of The Tiga Palm-Top, Aisaka Taiga

toradora words

Toradora! It’s one of the most popular and popular high school anime out there, and while the series shows a lot of comedy and magic, it can also be dramatic, hard and painful at times, though. things are running out in the end. The star is Takasu Ryuji, who nurtures his powerful partner Minori, and needs the help of the small but tough tsundere Aisaka Taiga to win Minori’s heart.

However, before long, Ryuji and Taiga realize that they really have feelings for each other. Managing this difficult love triangle may not be easy, and some may hurt along the way. However, it is also a part of growing and learning the nature of love.

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