Haiku Robot Developer Jordan Morris discusses what he thinks Metroidvanias looks like

After a successful Kickstarter of two and a half years of development, Haiku the Robot released on Steam. Form o Knight Form It’s a good idea to take a look at the beautiful but challenging Metroidvania platformer where the titular robot hero, Haiku, travels the world plagued by the Arcadia virus. The most amazing thing about the new indie title is that it is the work of a single developer: Jordan Morris.

Morris met with Game Rant to discuss its development process. HaikuFeatures, and shares some information about the Metroidvania style.


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Elections and Independence

After all the hard work and marketing of Koko: Ritual of the Night, a Knight Form, Metroidvanias has become very popular in indie game development. However, not all titles work the same. For Morris, freedom of choice and independent search are two characteristics that separate these stellar search games from the public.

For me, it’s a search idea, and that idea is to find you. I played Fear Metroid and I am very wroth, because they have laid hold on thy ways. So I can’t go back and search as I wish. And that’s something I really tried to work on Haiku.

Before the guided tour, Knight Form releasing players into a big world with little things to go by, inviting them to lose their fun time. The result is a very independent gameplay from player to player, with a strong sense of accomplishment. Everyone has knowledge, and success is a story of human trial and error rather than the path of leadership seen in Fear Metroid. even though Fear It’s a tough and challenging game, the way players navigate the world will decide for most of the title.

Morris remembers the first quarter of Haiku the players hold their hands a little to train them in the knowledge, but after that early part of the game, the title opens up and strengthens the freedom of search in a big way. True to the traditional modes, players gain new powers as they play to unlock new areas of the evil machine world of Arcadia.

Metroidvania spirit

While Morris is very fond of Metroidvanias, it’s getting boost from titles like the SNES classic Super Metroid and the next wall Knight Form, Haiku it is characterized by a range of titles that capture the meaning of knowledge and exploration. The Gameboy titles were very important, and their beauty became the basis of Haiku’s style of boxing. A popular series of games released on Nintendo’s first handheld greatly encouraged Morris:

“I feel like Pokemon The franchise really understands what I’m talking about earlier. How do they think your journey is different for you? For me, any kind of game that expresses or enhances that idea, I look at them and draw as much effort as I can on them. All the NPCs you can see, all the world builders, there are many paths you can take… me Pokemon Almost like Metroidvania, but I think you can talk about a lot of games. “

even though Pokemon More similar to traditional JRPGs than Super Metroid or the Castlevania titles that have come to the Gameboy Advance, there’s no denying the game’s independent approach to quests. Like both Red/blue a make up/sugar in progress, the world map is reduced a bit with players gaining powerups that allow them to travel the world in new ways. The opinion notes of the Pokemon The franchise is based on the experience of each player going on an independent journey and discovering a new world.

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Beautiful players and fun friends

Players who use to go to a Metroidvania title is an important piece of research knowledge. It is not enough for players to just find a key to the door. But developers need to allow players to interact with the world in new and exciting ways. In PokemonThat’s new from the interaction and transformation of monsters players capture and train, while Metroid relies on Samus’s ever -evolving weapons to entertain players by fighting and fighting. platforming. Haiku the Robot Borrow pages from two playbooks.

Players will experience new features such as balls that can enter new areas while introducing new mechanics — Morris compared the experience of using a zipline device. when playing a Spider-Man game, for example. Haiku it also has players to interact with, who built the world and gave the game its style. Like competing Pokemon trainees, these characters are on their own journey, boasting a wide variety of personalities from angry to friendly.

Haiku the Robot now available on PC.

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