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Oregon edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux wore a Dolce & Gabbana dress on Friday night and said she showed her finish at No. 5 overall.

The 2022 NFL Draft is the most controversial and powerful ever going to the Giants and the Big Apple.

The team of Lawrence Taylor and Michael Strahan landed a proud runner on the Las Vegas track. And Thibodeaux said he was a good fit for New York.

“Because I’m hungry,” he said on a telephone. “I am a competitor. I’m hungry. And I think New York is the pinnacle of the dog food world. “

Thibodeaux, 21, had several criticisms of the initial process. An AFC coach told the News today that he was worried that Thibodeaux might continue to play football, adding that he was worried about taking him to New York.

But the Giants did big homework on the standout Oregon Duck for that reason alone, and they came away with admiration.

“We really saw the kid before the players in this picture,” said GM Joe Schoen, who had dinner with Thibodeaux after his pro day at a Korean barbeque restaurant in Eugene, Ore., in this spring.

“I think like what’s been said about me before this place is a story,” Thibodeaux said. “Right now we’re looking to the future.”

“These players are changing,” Schoen said. “With the NIL [Name, image, likeness] these kids are making all this money in college. We need to grow and understand how our children grow. But Kayvon suffered a serious ankle injury and many people with his artistic status and wealth were able to put up with it. But he did it his way, he trained and he didn’t have to.

Schoen followed that up by taking Alabama to a scathing defeat of Evan Neal at No. 7 overall. GM said the Giants will keep him on the right key, where he made 12 starting in 2020.

The first five picks on Thursday night were defensive players, including corner Derek Stingley Jr. and Ahmad Gardner to the Texans and Jets, respectively, at Nos. 3 and 4, before Commissioner Roger Goodell called out Thibodeaux’s name.

Schoen made phone calls but did not make any trades. He had the top three draft picks on the board when his first selection came.

He picked Thibodeaux, an entertaining talent with a magical mindset, and the Carolina Panthers waited to pick NC State offensive lineman Ickey Ekwonu at No. 6. Thibodeaux, 6-4, 254-pound specimen, seven sacks last year and there were 19 in total. at college for the Ducks for three seasons.

Schoen took on Neal, a 6-7, 337-pound stud who started 40 at three different levels for the nation’s best golf program. The fact that he played the right game full -time, where he planned to play for the Giants, is significant.

“It’s helpful when you plan a player at 7 and you see him do what you ask him to do,” Schoen said.

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The GM also said the Giants had three top -ranked players, and when asked why he took Neal, he said “because Ickey is already six, that’s the reason. “

Schoen said he had two candidates for the No. 1 election.

“It’s a really special image,” the GM said. “Usually, you get an idea of ​​who is going to be first and second. There are rumors of someone going to third but you don’t really know. Everybody’s thinking. We’re ready for that. various features. “

Thibodeaux was delighted. He had a relationship with Strahan and said many Giants spoke to him during the process.

“He was really one of my leaders,” Thibodeaux said. “He talked to me about my work and he came to visit me when I was visiting with the group so seeing him there was a real dope. He gave me the knowledge so he could Tell me because we’ve had a different relationship over the years. “

He wasn’t worried about scouting reports exposing holes to his body or ability.

“I say the Giants believed in me and me and Evan to go to work and it was one of the biggest moments of my life,” he said.

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