Full list of Slice of Life Anime on Netflix in 2021

From laughing at you to crying at you, or asking how life is for you, Slice of Life anime is very popular, and always wanted. Below we have a compilation of the Slice of Life anime you will watch on Netflix in 2021.

So why Living Area? For those unfamiliar with the term, Slice is Life is a genre, first seen in anime, stories or gatherings about play, love, comedy, and themes of the coming year. The style is broad but very popular among anime viewers. Slice of Life can be a lot more slow -paced stories compared to its shonen cousin and is a story that deals with viewers on a deeper and emotional level.

N = Netflix Original

Please note: The Slice of Life anime list below is taken from the US library.

Beastars (2 Seasons) N

put on: 2 | Pieces: 24
Type: Karaima, Keaka | Flight time: 23 minutes
Discard: Chikahiro Kobayashi, Yuki Ono, Sayaka Senbongi, Fukushi Ochiai, Sayumi Watabe

The popularity of Beastars continues to skyrocket as it maintains its place as the most popular anime that Netflix has in its archive. With good humor and a heartfelt story, it’s not hard to see why Animals It’s one of the most polarizing anime of recent years.

Within a group of anthropomorphic animals, culture is divided between herbivores and carnivores. At Cherryton Academy, Legosi, a large but fearful and quiet wolf is a member of the school’s theater team, acting as a stagehand. The group is led by star student Louis, a red deer. But after a student dies and is eaten, the alpaca Tem, a wave of mistrust shakes the school as herbivores and carnivores clash with each other. In order to make life very difficult for Legosi, he has a very good encounter with the dwarf rabbit Haru and quickly develops the most difficult ideas for him.

Blue Time (1 Season) N

put on: 1 | Pieces: TBC
Type: Keaka | Flight time: 24 minutes
Discard: Hiromu Mineta, Yumiri Hanamori, Daiki Yamashita, Kengo Kawanishi, Yume Miyamoto

As the first weekly anime story on Netflix, Blue Period is one of the biggest shows in Netflix history. The making of Blue Heart decide largely if Netflix chooses to chase the anime every week in the future, and avoid throwing shows in the Netflix jail. Right now Blue Heart it’s a lot of fun and will leave you wishing for next week’s event.

Yatora is a very good high school student, with good grades and many friends. It was a reckless act, and in the end … it was cruel. But one day he went into the art room, and a single photograph caught his eye, awakening him to a beauty he had never seen before. When all is said and done, he dives head first, and is about to learn the nature of cruelty and unforgiveness!

Your lie in April (1 season)

put on: 1 | Pieces: 22
Type: Keaka, Mele | Flight time: 23 minutes

As far as anime goes, Your lie in April It’s one of the quintessential pieces of anime life that you need to add to your bucket list. Since the anime ended in 2015, it has continued to be one of the most popular shows to play, especially on Netflix. Take a quick look online and you’ll find your Lie in April on the “best anime life” lists.

As a child Arima Kousei was known as a child prodigy who admired her piano skills. But after the death of his mother, who was also his piano teacher, his heart was pounding while he was playing a song. Although she could hear well, Kousei could not hear the keys of the piano she was playing and the new ideas of life without color and color. However, her life and her world changed forever when freelance violinist Miyazono Kaori entered her life. Kaori made it her goal to help Kousei return to music, and to teach her the freedom to play, based on her original and consistent style.

He Leo Hamau (2016)

Managing director: Naoko Yamada
Type: Keaka | Flight time: 130 minutes
Discard: Miyu Irino, Saori Hayami, Aoi Yuki, Kensho Ono, Yuki Kaneko

Stories about the possibility of killing one’s life are the ones that need to be kept to a minimum, and A Silent Voice is heartbreaking with its approach to murder, the consequences of intimidation, and the journey to forgiveness.

After threatening his deaf friend, Shôya Ishida was kicked out by his classmates and threatened. Years later, Ishida begins to reconcile and reunite with Shoko Nishimiya in the hope that he can forgive her for making his life miserable.

Full list of Living Area Anime TV shows on Netflix US in 2021

Title Put on Pieces
Aggretsuko N 3 31
Anohana: The flower that we saw that day 1 11
Animals N 2 24
Blue Heart N 1 TBC
Komi could not speak N 1 TBC
March comes like a Lion 2 45
Rilakkuma and Kaoru N 1 13
Mocking Teacher Takagi-san 1 12
The daily life of the Immortal Chief 1 15
The tragic life of Saiki K. 3 146
Saiki K’s tragic life has been resurrected N 1 6
The way of the house husband N 1 10
Toradora! 1 25
Violet Evergarden N 1 22
Your lie in April 1 22

Full list of Anime Slice of Life movies on Netflix US in 2021

Title Run time
He Leo Hamau (2016) 130 minutes
Tastes of youth: International Version (2018) N 74 minutes
Okko’s Inn (2018) 94 minutes
Violet Evergarden (2020) 140 minutes
Violet Evergarden: Eternal Life and Doll Memory Auto (2019) 90 minutes
Mix words like Soda Pop (2021) N 87 minutes

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