Fruit Shack -prelude- – Review

One thing I saw flying around shojo-The main focus of the system in this film. In particular, people are happy with the new epilogue written by Natsuki Takaya. If that’s your main point of view, let me first give you the most important piece of information: three minutes is long and the payoff is low. Maybe I would have loved her more if everything had gone before Hīnaʻi hua -prelude- It doesn’t confirm what I always thought were the two biggest flaws in any other metaphorical story: Kyo’s relationship with Kyoko and Kyoko’s relationship with Katsuya, Tohru’s father.

The first half hour of the film is a film show, with no printers or story to cover. It was like the joint made by the flag that was hung on YouTube with the title “BEST Kyo/Tohru relationship moments !!!” rather than any real business. Honestly, I could see what they were going through with it; The photos are arranged in such a way that they show that they want to draw on a concept rather than showing how their relationship has grown over time. But it is important that Kyo sees Kyoko before he meets Tohru, his misconceptions and his sense of self -responsibility for his death, and Tohru’s surrender. to him in forgiveness.

After all, Kyo knew Kyoko, she always felt mean and unworthy of me, so the long montage left me. Their relationship, which started with a normal woman approaching a child and then telling him everything about her daughter for no reason, had no reason. His relationship with Kyoko and his death are not linked to anything in the story, he is a strong man in his own right, nor is his relationship with Tohru any better. The cat in the Sohma family isolated and harassed that poor child.

But the clipshow ends, and the film finds its true essence: Kyoko’s relationship with Katsuya, from the moment they met her grief at her death. There are a few parts of it that I like, which deal with the themes of the show about the power of kindness and the importance of caring. Kyoko joined a group not because she was born rotten, but because the immortal parental love in her life left a hole in her that she didn’t know how to fill. . Finding something valuable and believing in him, not keeping him safe, helped heal his heart.

But why, why, why was he a mentor to her?

You see, Katsuya and Kyoko met when he was in middle school, so he was no older than 15, and he was a student when he was 20. It was the first time he met so he pulled her out of the field and took her out to dinner. Although after he finished teaching students, he taught him until he dropped out of high school, and then, when his parents expelled him, he did not. Elsewhere, she told him of her intention to marry him. . Remember when someone cuts again Kaulaula film to model as a psychological thriller? Kyoko and Katsuya’s relationship shouldn’t end; Switching on a simple light and turning the melody on a small key turns it into a memoir about a predatory man looking for a troubled and vulnerable child to trap him in a relationship. protection he cannot escape.

Of course, that’s not the future, because this is the realm of history, where a 15 -year -old can have a legitimate relationship with his 23 -year -old teacher and have no problem working out. Bad. Katsuya is a good husband and a loving father – he’s really cute – but it always gives me crying heebie -jeebies to see this story in a story meant for girls like Kyoko. The mind boggling is true, but I’m so glad they were able to hit right. Maybe if you’re not bothered by age -old/childish or teacher/student romances like I am, you’ll be touched by Katsuya’s kindness to Tohru, and the intensity of Kyoko’s grief in the form of the story intended.

The so -called powers appear to be the same as the observer Fruit Basket It’s been named since I received the DVD for my 16th birthday in 2003… go with the sub for this. The strongest of the British could not come, of course Lydia McKay well, his work isn’t very close to the powerhouse Miyuki Sawashiro like Kyoko. If dub is the best choice for you for any reason, don’t think of letting it go, but this is one of the cases where the Japanese power is better.

The animation is about par with the TV series – good, but it’s hard at times and doesn’t need to be theatrical. There are times when people’s bodies are completely empty, like Kyo and Tohru sharing some of the smallest kisses I’ve ever seen. This was not the kiss of two young people in love; It was the kiss of 40 -year -olds living together for children. The film also uses seagulls as a theme often, and each time, they are made in the worst CG and don’t move at all like real birds.

Fruit Basket it’s always a story with some major flaws that benefits more than its strengths. However, -first- focusing on what I always thought were his weakest points, separating them from his casting team and his strongest subjects.

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