Football: Sixth-seeded West Linn over Tualatin 13-5

After leading most of Friday evening’s game in Tualatin, the West Linn baseball team saw a good 6-0 lead that quickly fell short in the bottom five innings.

The Timberwolves cut the game to two separate runs and are looking to make a comeback in the third game between the two Three Rivers League games.

But when they looked back, the Lions responded quickly. With strike after strike, West Linn was able to quickly turn back time and finally secure a 13-5 victory.

Heading into the big six, West Linn coach Joe Monahan said it was important for the Lions to continue their game plan and not be too happy.

“I told them, you know, this game isn’t over,” Monahan said. “It’s a break or two and these lions’ teams can beat you every day. It’s not about your leadership. And they replied. We have to keep up with the goo, the kinds of penalties on the fence.” .Think right, punish.

The win puts the Lions at No. 1 in the Three Rivers League after taking the series season 2-1 against the Timberwolves.

“Every story is hard. Of course, it’s a very tough ball team and you never won a game. You went up to six and nothing else and the other thing you see they’re flying from leadership, “Monahan said. “I like the way the men reacted. He set the stage for the second half of the league and took a shot at winning the Lions title.

The Lions have a team against Lakeridge in mid -May that could determine the outcome of the Third Rivers League.

On Friday night, West Linn immediately started counting. At the head of the first inning, Maxwell Wright hit a two-RBI one to give the Lions the first lead. West Linn added that lead to a header in the third inning with a double RBI by Jake Holmes to make it 4-0.

At the head of the fourth inning, Ryan VandenBrink hit a two-run home run off the field to give him a 6-0 lead for West Linn.

Tualatin later scored less than five innings. Paul Moeggenberg gave the Timberwolves a double RBI on their first run of the night. Ethan Matsuoka and Michael Miller hit RBI singles to add to the score. After the start, Griffin Biggs picked up the challenge to give him a 6-4 lead for West Linn.

The Lions immediately responded to the voice at the top of the six. Drake Gabel hit a single RBI to kick off the start. Jordy Tawa walked home after the inning. Wright hit a two-RBI one and Kace Nanoe took the wrong. Jeremy Levasseur finished the inning with a two-RBI single to make it 13-4.

Tualatin was not destroyed, but the fire power was not enough to continue the night with the Lions. Matsuoka’s double RBI made it a 13-5 game held in the seventh inning.

Wyatt Norris started on the hill for the Lions. In 4.1 innings, he allowed three touchdowns, two walks and four touchdowns. Drew Talavs came to relax. In 1.2 innings, he allowed five hits, two runs and three strikes. Gabel came in for the cleanup, dropping a single shot in the seventh inning.

Logan Larrance started Friday for Tualatin. In four innings, he allowed four hits, went six and hit one. Isaac Pfeifer scored for one inning, conceding two touchdowns and striking one. Spencer Simon averaged 1.1 innings, allowing four hits, going one and hitting two. Caleb Kreitzer entered for 0.2 innings, conceding no hits and two strikes.

The Lions ’ability to make walks was a big part of Friday’s game. In total, seven West Linn batters advanced to the first stage on the walk and six of the Lions ’runs were taken by the players to take the field from a tour.

Monahan said it’s important for players to have good bats and not always think about hitting the pitches outside the park.

“What we think about is the quality of the bats and not the personal feeling,” Monahan said. “Sometimes when players hit, they worry about their average rather than worrying about setting the table for someone else so they can get a run. The stats keep them going. down to the end if you are not a player yourself.

The Lions at Mountainside will play one of their last league games on Tuesday. The Timberwolves will have a team with Lakeridge next week (in Lakeridge on Tuesday and Friday, in Tualatin on Wednesday) to earn three Rivers League big points.

– Nik Streng,, @NikStreng

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