Five months in, what’s going on with Netflix games?

Real question: who here knew that Netflix would offer games?

I don’t try to be snarky. There was an increase in mass streaming to the game in November 2021, and since then, I haven’t heard anyone talk about it. While that’s what they have on Android and iOS, two of the world’s most popular mobile devices. While that’s anecdotal, of course, I really follow the gaming industry in terms of business and entertainment, and a peep about Netflix games has been seen in those areas. (For context, we’ve known about Netflix games for a year.)

I suggest this not only because we’ve passed the five -month mark of the launch of the platform, but also because the topic has risen up amid Netflix’s revenue stream. In it, the company testified lost subscribers for the first time in more than 10 years in Q1 2022 – 200,000 of them, of course. The company said the losses came from shutting down its business in Russia amid the country’s lack of hostilities in Ukraine and predicted a further fall of two million subs in Q2.

In response, the company promised to use some form of advertising support, low -cost advertising and a fee by sharing the password, although it is not clear in the future. While we’re waiting for that, there’s discussion about how Netflix will use games to grow its entire industry. “Netflix is ​​looking at the right times about video games from every angle,” he said. The Washington Post shown this week, telling the teachers.

At this time, it is not clear what the main information for the threshold is, exactly. The field currently has 17 games, with two on his court Aliens moʻo. I haven’t heard most of these things, personally, and I like most of the others in the same boat. Don’t despise these titles, mind you; I didn’t play them. But considering that they’re made available for free on mobile to 222 million subscribers worldwide, you’d think we’ve heard more. (We don’t know how many people are playing them like Netflix, like many companies, the official numbers aren’t revealed). Now, it looks like this is a little food for Netflix to try the water on before diving into the market.

Aliens 1984

One of the Netflix games, Stranger Things 1984.

But other than that, we don’t know what Netflix has planned for the platform in the long run. The company really wanted synergy between its first films / shows and games, and it started first with the second Aliens play. It was re -confirmed to work just like the celebrity Explosive Kittens game, which will get a phone title next month, and later, a record on Netflix.

The best example of the possibility for this type of cross-promotion, however, is from Netflix’s The Witcher moʻo. The show, led by Henry Cavill, contributed to CD Projekt The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – an anonymous version of Andrzej Sapkowski’s original stories – became popular on Steam, four years after its release. But The Witcher 3 which probably reveals the biggest question mark about Netflix games: the kinds of information we have. Of course, mobile games are very popular, but people also want more popular and affordable titles on consoles and/or PCs. In fact, it’s smart for Netflix to slowly slow its toe in the game, so it’s better to look at other technology. Google’s Stadia service wasn’t popular, and Amazon Games ran through many setbacks and layoffs in its early years.

That said, it’s clear that, at the very least, Amazon is very interested in high -end live -action games, and has since gained momentum over the past year or so. New World and this year Lost Ark. In fact, the latter is currently one of Steam’s biggest games. Netflix, on the other hand, isn’t entirely clear about its gaming preferences, only saying they’ll be “heavily loaded” on mobile to begin with. As a result, the threshold is currently limited, in some ways, by these fixed phone numbers (for the most part) independent of its threshold and anonymously. The Washington Post Netflix says it plans to make 50 games by the end of the year, but who knows if they’ll get more attention than the first offer. Will Netflix increase console and / or PC titles? Or all sorts of phone games, like, say, and Play Hee war king? Only time will tell.

Play Hee

Netflix has confirmed that it is looking at turning the Squid game into a game, but that remains to be seen.

It will also see what Netflix is ​​up to with its new developers, which will include three studios: Finland’s Next Games and US ’Bos Fight Entertainment and Night School Studio. It was the third most interesting group, although that group was behind the acclaimed Oxenfree travel game and is also developing a sequel for consoles and PC. At the same time, Netflix has brought in veterans from the likes of Riot and EA, although it’s a mystery what they’re doing. Lastly, bringing in great talent is always smart, but we also know it doesn’t go anywhere (see: Google Stadia).

Now, if this is a disaster, it is not expected; The big morning for Netflix games can’t really be imagined either way. But this piece is meant to summarize what we do (and don’t know) about Netflix’s early career. If nothing else, it’s easy to think of be able toEven though the industry has a monopoly on game changes, with Castlevania (Konami Castlevania), Arcane (Riot’s League of Legends), of the Cuphead Show (MDHR’s Studio Cup head) and the future Sonic Prime (Sega Sonic the Hedgehog). And because Netflix is ​​a serious business, it can take its time and role -playing games as a bonus perk. Google, on the other hand, puts all of its AAA games in the Stadia streaming basket, unpaid.

All of this says there’s a lot to come from Netflix Games, and it’s interesting how it’s played.

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