Fathom events to see Anime Macross Frontier films in US in June – News

By Hanana Fathom It was announced on Thursday that she would be engaged to Macross Frontier: The Mele Wahine (Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime) a Macross Frontier: The Wings of Love (Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa) anime movies in the United States in June. Macross Frontier: The Mele Wahine to be reported on June 16, a Macross Frontier: The Wings of Love will be published on June 30. Both will be printed in English.

By Hanana Fathom separation Macross Frontier: The Mele Wahine:

It is the year 2059. After the destruction of the human race 50 years ago, man has begun a process of movement between the stars.

The Macross Frontier fleet is traveling to the center of the galaxy when it encounters an evil alien named Vajra. A concert on touring popstar Sheryl Nome became a no -brainer where flying school coach Alto Saotome and favorite Ranka Lee were caught in the crossfire.

Surprised by the news, Alto decided to team up with a private military service, Strategic Military Services (SMS) to protect his comrades and immediately found himself driving a revolutionary force. most recently, the VF-25 Messiah. Always, with the encouragement of Alto and Sheryl, Ranka began to strive to become a musician.

As the love triangle began to blossom between the three, doubts were raised as to the true purpose of the Vajra and who was behind the attacks. When Sheryl finds out that her home, the Macross Galaxy fleet, has been attacked, she calls an SMS to action and Macross Frontier takes the stage for an epic show!

By Hanana Fathom also explain Macross Frontier: The Wings of Love:

Following the events of The False Songstress, Sheryl Nome lived on the Macross Frontier in the early stages of her health. Now Ranka Lee had become a musician in his own right, and he was preparing for his first concert as the group began to follow the Vajra Queen.

After losing his VF-25 driver in a skirmish, Alto Saotome was taken to hospital and two female singers rushed to his side. As their love triangle nears its peak, the writers are exposed after Vajra’s attack and Sheryl finds herself behind the bars, accused of treason.

It is now a race for Ranka and the Strategic Military Services (SMS) to rescue their allies and stop the real rebels who are taking control of Vajra, while trying to defend their alien world home. The climactic effect of emotions, music and meka The work ends as Alto faces some of the most important decisions of his life.

of the Macross Frontier The anime TV aired in 2008 after the 25th anniversary of the Macross franchise. of the Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime first filmed in 2009 as a retelling. of the Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa The last film followed was in 2011.

By Hanana Fathom scheduled for one screening day for Macross Plus Movie Edition filmed in U.S. theaters with English subtitles on December 14th.

The latest work on the Macross franchise, you Gekijōban Macross Delta: Zettai LIVE !!!!!! movie, released in Japan in October 2021 with “Gekijō Tanpen Macross Frontier Toki of Meikyū“(Macross Frontier Short Film: Labyrinth of Time) short film.

Great West, Studio Nuea Sugar Harmony USA announced in April 2021 that companies had agreed to immediately donate the majority. Macross movies and films all over the world. The companies agreed to participate in the donation in the future Macross a Robotech projects.

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