Family Spy X: 8 Another anime set in 1900

The first season of Family Spy X originally launched on April 9, 2022, taking the anime world by storm in the process. Since its release, the show has had anime fans crying over the next few episodes in the genre.

The Spy X family The arrangement of parodies of East and West Germany represents one of the most important and tragic moments in human history. Many other anime were made in the 20th century and the ten years into the 1900s were rich and each was different and it was not difficult to see why.


8 Fullmetal Alchemist – Before the 20th century

Original quotes from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and the original Fullmetal Alchemist

Mea Alchemist Fullmetal Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse are shown a world where the magic of alchemy is constantly being practiced.

The FMA is known for its amazing players such as Winry and Ed, one of the best men in the anime, and the strongest Roy Mustang. Fans of historical anime will be able to see how the 1900s influenced the aesthetics of the piece and the technology. Alchemy and timelessness can’t be the same as fans searching for a piece of real history.

7 Baccano! – 1930s

Baccano!  group of majors

Baccano! It is a story about a group of people on a mysterious train called the Flying Pussyfoot. The only thing that sticks to them is a lifeless elixir that was seen two centuries ago.

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In clothing and technology, Baccano! nails in the 1930s setting keeping in mind that some words are better than they first saw. For those who have the full knowledge, the dub is said so that they can fully understand the subtleties of how each person speaks. For fans of ancient historical sites, Baccano! It has flashbacks to the 1700s.

6 91 days – 1930s

Vanetti Family 91 Days

91 days A mafia anime that revolves around the relationships between the famous Vanetti family and Avilio’s deceased parents.

The last run of Nero Vanetti and Avilio was one of the best moments between the protagonist and the fighter in the anime. People will see the growing relationship between the two as Avilio makes Nero a friend in the group, while the two youngsters grow to know each other. 91 days Not only did he capture America during the ban, he also captured human knowledge and relationships.

5 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part II – 1930s

Near Joseph Joestar in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 Stardust Crusaders.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s The second was found in 1930, where Johnathan Joestar’s grandson Joseph met the superhuman Pillarmen.

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It’s Jojo It’s a different franchise about magicians than real storytellers, but it’s a piece made in the 1930s. For fans of the decade, there are pieces of It’s Jojo He shall live ten years. Of course, the effect of the franchise is to see super muscular people pounding on each other.

4 Higurashi: They cry – 1980s

Higurashi in their mourning for Oni

Higurashi: They cry It is in a small village where the main character, Keiichi, meets a group of girls his age.

HigurashiThe real price point is that it’s a murder mystery anime that’s set apart as a young romance anime, because Keiichi does a good thing. in order to solve the terrible mysteries of the town. The importance of organization is to help Higurashi It doesn’t give the protagonist new technology, which makes the secrets easier for him to unravel.

3 Monster – 1980s and 90s

The second part of the picture.  On the left, Johan slapped his forehead, demanding that someone shoot him.  On the right, angry Nina fires a gun.

Monster following three main characters: Johan and Anna Liebert, two twins born from the horrific eugenics experience, and the protagonist Dr. Tenma who saved Johan’s life.

Johan and Anna Liebert are a separate family in the anime, and the two brothers are amazing examples of their own. While Tenma and Anna make good protagonists, it’s the titular monster Johan who buys the show. Johan Liebert was the worst man in the history of the genocide, committed after World War II in Germany.

2 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Part III – 1980s

Dio Brando laughed and pointed

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures It’s one of the longest -running franchises in the anime, and Part III is the funniest story ever made in Part II.

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Jojo’s Part III Not very famous for his “Jojo,” however. Although Jotaro is much loved, he is Dio’s fighter who is very much in the minds of the fans. Dio is the most popular fighter in the franchise, and one of the most known anime villains. The blonde flamboyant time-controlling vampire is the best villain for a story set in a mystical powerhouse of the 1980s, and Dio gives.

1 Kaiji – 1990s

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji is a funny and happy looking anime

Kaiji showing a man down his luck to see him enter a legal gambling game to earn a living.

The setting of the 1990s is important for the region because it took place during one of Japan’s biggest economies of the century. Kaiji, the main protagonist, is probably the best life/death game or anime game out there. It’s not that smart The game is Tomodachi Yuuichi and he weren’t very good at the player KakeguruiYumeko. He was a very talented player who did his best to survive.

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