Every Castlevania game features Richter

Richter’s major games Castlevania was released in the 90’s. However, his relationship did not end there. He was featured on crossover shows, he was returned to later games as a side -runner, and he was in the middle of the fifth season of the Castlevania series on Netflix.

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After appearing in several games, Richter now has a good library of titles. For your enjoyment, we are here to sort them from best to best. Of course, we’re happy to announce that, for the most part, this Belmont has already been shown to the bangers.

We will not include Castlevania: Puzzle Quest in this list because it cannot be downloaded. Of course, if you like, it’s a very good puzzle game to retell the story of Symphony of the Night. It’s a shame to lose time.


6 Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

It seems like phone games often have a bad rap. Sometimes, people decide to decide on these types of games before giving them a chance. This is not necessary, because there are some very good mobile games! Unfortunately, Grimoire of Souls is not one of them. That’s not to say you can’t have fun with this Apple Arcade name; if you’re looking for a nostalgia dump then this probably isn’t the worst way to kill a few minutes here and there.

So how does Richter fit in here? Unfortunately, of course is it playable, which is Grimoire of Souls’ version of a summon. He went to war and was arrested for a time. When the time is up, you become the power of Rondo’s golden boy. Maria, on the other hand, has a full roster, so Rondo of Blood fans are always a messenger. On the plus side, he has some beautiful photos, and he is is it a new Castlevania. If you don’t have much choice, and you already have an Apple Arcade account, there’s probably something fun to be found with this grimoire.

5 Castlevania: Dracula X

If you’re around the 90s you probably already know the need for the Turbo Duo Rondo’s blood. It’s a game that won’t be released in another decade, though. But what we got was Dracula X. Who’s the same, but on the SNES, right? Unfortunately, no. In fact, it’s a remix of Rondo Of Blood. And some are going to end up being cut a lot of the disease. In other words, the other levels of Dracula X are small and, worst of all, Maria is missing.

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All that being said, while Dracula X has had a bad rap, it’s actually the best game for Castlevania. He doesn’t compare well to his older brother, or one of the lizard’s best writers, but it’s a lot of fun. Especially if you like Rondo of Blood and you want a new spin on it. Levels may be familiar to look at, however he Different reasons. Yes, and the soundtrack is very legendary. Some like it more than Rondo’s. While it’s understandable why some people were disappointed in him during the day, Dracula X is a worthwhile game to play.

4 Castlevania: Ruin’s Picture

For those who don’t know, while Castlevania is struggling to grab a break from home entertainment, the story is still in the grasp. All Castlevania titles released on GBA and DS are excellent. Portrait of Ruin is an interesting title, as it tries to accurately match two of the best Castlevania games: Rondo of Blood and Bloodlines.

Featuring Jonathan Morrison, the son of Bloodline’s protagonist, Portrait of Ruin is a direct addition to Bloodlines. However, he is another Richter models (he is a spirit messenger of the wheel and acts as an electorate). Above all, he gets to change the member of the party, which is the machine taken directly from Dracula’s Curse (a favorite character). So has he fulfilled his lofty legacy? Maybe not, but Castlevania is a very good game. Also, as a bonus, you can play as Richter and Mary when you finish your first game. Very fun!

3 Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Castlevania player? Why this is so annoying! It’s disgusting! How they tarnish the good name of the series! Yeah, wait, it smells really good. Yes, this is a short version of the lizard. But even though the fanbase wasn’t involved when it was released, it was a very good game. Playing like metroidvania melted into a single map, and there are several maps mentioned, this is a game. to be filled with knowledge. It also features a leveling system that allows you to build your style in a variety of ways (through different skills).

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And, of course, your son made blue the list. Of course, he is has been DLC. However, Richter is here and he is playing well. He comes to play his Symphony of the Night toolkit, giving him some fun attacks to play. Don’t forget this forget -me -not, it’s just a bad game that was released at the wrong time. It’s a good title that you need to look at.

2 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Richter is the most famous Belmont, but he is not the most famous protagonist of Castlevania. No, that’s different for Alucard. And for good reason, Alucard is very good. Symphony of the Night is one of the game’s flagship franchises. It really created a whole new genre: Metroidvania. In it, you can explore Dracula’s castle for free, while you can access other parts of it as you gain new powers.

But the Richter people are not worried, your son is well represented here. Not only is it an important image in the story, but it can be played once you finish a game. He accompanies a group of new special moves to help him get to the labyrinthine castle. Symphony of the Night is a beautiful game that is filled with insights and has some of the best vocals in a series that is known to be the best vocals. This game is a story for a reason.

1 Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

When it comes to Rondo Of Blood, the reason for this game is, to this day, legend. It’s one of the cleanest, best -designed games, of its kind. In many ways, Rondo of Blood continues where Dracula’s mischief left off. We have different paths that we can follow, but for now you have to look for them in stages. We also see the return of many words. But now that you can’t switch between battles, you have to choose what you will use before the battle starts.

While Rondo may be a little fun at first, it’s a game that pays a lot of attention. He has a lot of hidden secrets in each level. And the game is just … glorious. All is well in Rondo of Blood. Difficulty is great, but you are given each and every tool you need to solve each problem. And, if the game strikes you, you can give Richter a break and put fear into the hearts of the local monsters of Castlevania and Mary.

Thankfully, Rondo of Blood has been incorporated into many layers and is easy to play on newer consoles. It has a 2.5D remake on the PSP. Of course, it’s just a different kind of game. If you want to have something else with it, it’s not a bad time (and there’s also the original power with the new one). Depending on how you play, every 2D platformer will need to find this standard. It was one of the best games ever made.

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