Elden Ring Modders create the ‘Ultimate’ Berserk Mod

Don’t tell Griffith about this Tarnished.
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It’s no secret that a lot of FromSoftware’s Soulsborne games are inspired by Kentaro Miura’s famous manga. Be happy. In fact, Ring size was honored in many ways, up to Blaidd the Half-Wolfof different kinds Be happy protagonist Guts. So so, Ring sizeThe whole circle of manga refs with Guts itself has come to be isekai’d in the lands between a new mod.

Call of the Abyss, from COTA Studios modder Papa Appa, wants to let you play as a black sword to yourself as you search through the lands in between. The mod is in serious development but can now be downloaded via COTA Studios’ Patreon. You can see him in action through his latest development video:

The current or future features include a real -life model of Guts, his steel jacket, the fun of his famous hand cannon, and a “berserk” position for the moment to be lost. Guts and gives up his rage, as well as a summonable / boss. The power of Guts has an acrobatic movement set outside of Blaidd’s.

Papa Appa met with Kihapai Makathe modder and YouTuber behind the “Let me go with him” spirit calls to modto create a video series Elden Ring Multiverse, where they turn their favorite anime characters into play as masters. In the next 2 episodes, they portray Guts as a master fight in the last game at Mohgwyn Palace.

Be happy a simple first option as well [Souls-series game designer Hidetaka] Miyazaki said the Be happy The manga is a great motivator in itself for Spirits story as seen in many administrations and genres, “Papa Appa said Kotaku.

Garden of Eyes said Kotaku the intention is Ring size Multiverse came out about a year ago Ring sizethe exemption.

“[Berserk] holds a special place in the hearts of many, and needs a proper mod, ”Garden of Eyes continued.“ So we feel it makes sense to do this with our introduction to in the Multiverse. … I’m a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, so it made me really like this idea.

Papa Appa, who loves Garden of Eyes through their mutual love of Soulsborne games, said he worked on the modding side of Elden Ring Multiverse Even though Garden of Eyes composed its story.

When the master fight begins on the Elden Ring Multiverse In the episode, “Guts” lunges frantically from side to side and punches down his opponent before eating their flesh with hunger, as he did when he was defeated by the blood lust in the mango. This careful look at the details is thanks to the herculean actions of Papa Appa, who put love and great care into the detail of his Call of the Abyss mod.

“I tried to bring you the best Guts weapon and the whole Guts mod in everything Ring size modding, ”Papa Appa said in his latest YouTube CotA demo video.

Although the current situation of Ring size Modding is limited to importing custom animations from other games, Garden Of Eyes said. Kotaku Papa Appa was able to capture the Guts movement from Blaidd the Half-Wolf’s attack methods.

“Blaidd is the perfect choice for this as a teacher,” Garden of Eyes said. “With the right adjustments to his pattern, movements and features, a perfect Guts berserker was born.”

Call of the Abyss is not your usual conversion strategy. Papa Appa said it took him about a week to create a series of unique features that the hard -to -reach will appreciate. For example, you’re playing as Guts’, his “berserker” feature starts when you drop below 50% HP and get four progress levels, marked by red eyes that glow. from his. beast of the dark helmet and a black and white curtain followed his path

“It’s great for you Be happy The lovers on the outside, as you can see, are not really the beast of darkness but a group and building up of all the Guts pains, fears, and anxieties that it has. in his childhood, “Papa Appa said in the CotA update video…” I wanted to accomplish that through the black mist because I think it was like [armor] very good arrangement. “

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Berserk state offers a 15% increase in stamina recovery and damage as a result, but the longer you stay as a berserker, the better your physical health, i.e. the most appropriate of which is the way Guts weighs in with his strength in the manga. .

My only criticism of the Papa Appa mod right now is that Guts is down ala very easy in the Garden of Eyes video. It’s probably because most of Guts’ manga-specific moveset is missing from the mod. If Guts’ cannon, throwing knives, bow, and bullets were included, I think the lord would have fought more in the form of a knock -down, a pull -down fight.

Papa Appa says Kotaku Although Ring size has a limited modding feature, he plans to integrate Knight bone head and new features, such as the hand -cannon mentioned above, viz you can see an example here.

“This is the tip of the iceberg for related projects Be happy and everything else in the Multiverse, whether there are new masters, weapons, armor, and more, ”says Garden of Eyes. Kotaku. “We have a lot of passion for the game, and we hope to have the best mods Elden Ring.

Speaking as a longtime Berserk fan, I’d like to note the mods where Guts is compared to Blaidd and the POS is prolific. Griffith sir Maleniafor I am worthy Be happy ending in something.


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