Each voiceover is in Alien Paradise: Ultimate Fantasy Origin

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a game that has a lot of criticism but is more interesting because of its difficult story. Its place in the Final Fantasy lore has been the subject of much discussion among fans since the game’s release.

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Most of the criticism and finger pointing were directed at the relationship between the players. Jack Garland’s unpretentious nature and single -mindedness will challenge the idea by attempting a long show. So who’s the voice behind Jack? And who are the voices behind his best friends and enemies in the game? There are many talents in the team to discuss.

8 Jack – Mocean Melvin

Jack Mocean Melvin is a guest of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Mocean Melvin’s performance as Stranger Of Paradise as Jack Garland was one of his first audio -visual productions. Most of his resume is filled with history credits. Those credits include popular programs such as the History Channel’s Hunt For The Zodiac Killer documentary or truTV’s Top Funniest clip show series.

Other notable credits for Melvin include creating different voices for Robot Chicken and a little stuntman work not seen in the horror movie Saw. His change of voice to Jack was interesting, and he left a lasting impression on the players.


7 Jed – Alejandro Saab

Jed Alejandro Saab is the guest of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Jed’s voice, Alejandro Saab, is a very familiar voice to those who consume much of Japanese media called in English. For video gamers, you can recognize it from the sound of Yuri of Fire: Three Houses.

Anime fans may see him as Tsukauchi from My Hero Academia, Shallot from Dragon Ball Legends, Takeomi from Tokyo Ghoul, Johnny Black from Sword Art Online, or some new voices in shows like Attack On Titan . Of course, it’s a great voice to save Jed’s laughter and frustration in a game like this.

6 Lehu – Mark Neely

Ash Mark Neely is a guest of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Like Mocean Melvin, Mark Neely is new to video game audio production. In fact, if IMDB is to be trusted, Stranger Of Paradise bruiser Ash is Neely’s first video game production. He doesn’t have a lot of famous performances in the past to talk about.

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He had a small role in a segment of Nick Kroll’s short -lived swimming show, as well as Adult Swim Tim and Eric Awesome Show. He was also a performer in the early 00s soap opera Passion. If Jack and his crew are seen after Final Fantasy, we’ll probably see Mark and Ash back.

5 Sophia

Sophia Laura Post Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Laura Post, like Alejandro Saab mentioned earlier, is another theater you will see if you are familiar with Japanese media called English. Sophia may be the most important member of Jack’s “Warriors Of Light” group, but Laura always does the work.

As well as other DC superhero characters, his most prominent video game actor was Sumire Yoshizawa from Persona 5 Royal. He’s one of the only players available through the Royal edition of Persona 5, and his story adds a lot of running time to the game.

4 Neon

Neon Alejandra Reynoso is a guest of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Are there any Castlevania people there? Alejandra Reynoso is best known for her role as Sypha from the Netflix show based on the popular vampire-hunting video game franchise. Castlevania is probably the only video game changer to hit the screens, and Reynoso has been instrumental in bringing some of the show’s best to life.

She plays Neon in Stranger Of Paradise, the most famous female role in the game. Neon was spotted online for telling Jack that Chaos wasn’t real because he said “Nah,” and went to blow up a Linkin Park ripoff band. It’s just one of Jack’s legendary lines.

3 Astos

Astos Todd Haberkorn guest of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Todd Haberkorn voiced Stranger Of Paradise Astos the mysterious black elf. Todd is probably the most popular voice-dub anime player on this list. It was a bad time to register his famous works in popular anime from the mid -2000s to the present day.

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Her main role was in Fairy Tale, where she voiced the first protagonist Natsu. You may have seen him as the red boy from Season 4 of My Hero Academia who talks about believing in Endeavor. Some of his most popular video game performances are Vamana in Smite, Morgan in Fire Emblem Awakening, and Razor in Genshin Impact. Astos is a far cry from Todd’s previous work.

2 Princess Sarah

Princess Sarah Cherami Leigh Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Cherami Leigh specializes in voice acting in everything from anime to video games. On top of that, he’s one of the only names on this list with serious life-action experience. He has earned credits on popular television shows such as Walker, Texas Ranger, and Friday Night Lights, as well as a small stint on The Mist, one of Stephen King’s most feared films of this century.

Some of her most popular video credits include Rhea and Seiros in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Makoto from Persona 5, and Majorita from Disgaea 5.

1 Kapena Bikke

Captain Bikke Jake Eberle guest of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Captain Bikke is voiced by Jake Eberle. In a way, his head was almost as strong as Captain Bikke’s. Jake was first seen as a voice editor, director, and organizer rather than a voice actor.

It is provided as part of the sound studio throughout the film industry. Bikke has a bit of a stretch compared to the others on this list, but he always drives some of the best things in the game.

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