Danseur season 2 has been on the MAPPA board for a long time

When will the finale of the Danseur dance series release and why will season 2 of the anime remain on the MAPPA charts for years?

Prior to the launch of the spring slate anime in April, many fans knew very well that Spy x Family and Kaguya-sama would control the headlines. However, there have been a lot of anime that have been fighting for your attention over the past few months and none of them are more beautiful than Studio MAPPA’s Dance Dance Danseur.

Sadly, Dance Dance Danseurs around the world are preparing to express their love for the anime series, with the first beginning of episode 11, the end of season 1, set to release on Crunchyroll in just a few hours.

From the 17th of JunethDanseur hasn’t been released to the public for the 2nd time and if the anime returns for an encore, fans will have to wait a long time before it first launches – here’s everything you need to know. See.

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Music Library Hula Hula Danseur Make sure






Hula Dance Danseur episode 11: Release date and time

The finale of Year 1 of Dance Dance Danseur, episode 11, will first begin worldwide on Friday, June 17th.th.

Episode 11 titled “Oh, I Think I Love Classical Ballet” will be released, which will be released via the Crunchyroll streaming platform in the near future:

  • Pacific Time – 1:15 PM
  • Eastern Time – 4:15 PM
  • British Time – 9:15 PM
  • European Time – 10:15 PM
  • India Time – 1:45 AM
  • Manawa Pilipino – 4:15 AM
  • Australian Time – 5:45 AM

Hula Dance Danseur season 2 new levels

As previously reported, Dance Dance Danseur has not been replaced for the 2nd time by Studio MAPPA or any of its related Japanese advertising partners. However, there is a good chance that this anime series will have an encore for a second season sometime in the future.

The first reason why people can be hopeful about the future of Dance Dance Danseur is the fact that it gets things from George Asakura’s first manga series.

Since serialization began in 2016, 23 full Tankobon books of the Dance Dance Danseur manga have been published in Japan, with the most recent book being released in late March of this year.

The good news is, the manga continues and considering how many new books are published, at least three each year, there are plenty of resources available for MAPPA to changes to dance dance Danseur season 2.

Then, we get the fame, which is an obscure theme for the anime Dance Dance Danseur. On the one hand, the series gets a fixed 7.69/10 rating on MyAnimeList, 7.23/10 on AniDB and 8.1/10 on IMDB – numbers that are necessary to validate a new activity.

The only problem we see is that the MyAnimeList number is only counted from 7,500 users, a very low number for a series from one of the largest anime production companies out there. Of the 2022 dance party, Dance Dance Danseur is only 23rdrd most popular series about registered members.

All in all, the timing of the update for Dance Dance Danseur will come down to the sale of the Blu-Ray DVD from season 1 in Japan and the intensification of the anime adaptation found in the manga series first at home.

However, if Dance Dance Danseur is to be changed again for the 2nd season, fans will have to prepare themselves for a long wait before the world starts, but why?

When will Dance Dance Danseur release?

The anime adaptation of Dance Dance Danseur was announced in April 2021 and starting in April of this year, this gives a working cycle of about 12 months. However, the reason why Dance Dance Danseur season 2 was released was a few simple years ago, MAPPA.

Studio MAPPA has become one of the best animation studios in the industry today, with first projects including Jujutsu Kaisen, Dorohedoro, The God of High School, Zombie Land Saga, Kakegurui and of course, Attack on Titan season 4.

Unfortunately, Dance Dance Danseur does not compare well to these series and if MAPPA develops future programs, the popularity of Dance Dance Danseur cannot be compared to these other titles.

In addition, MAPPA has a much bigger program than themselves in the years to come, with Dance Dance Danseur fighting for the most part:

  • Male Chainsaw (October 2022)
  • Māhoe Kakegurui (August 2022)
  • Vinland Saga Season 2 (January 2023)
  • Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 3 (2023)
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 (2023)
  • Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (TBA)
  • Zombie Land Saga: The Movie (TBA)

So, if Dance Dance Danseur is changed again for the 2nd time on MAPPA, then fans will prepare themselves for a long wait before Junpei returns to the dance floor, until the end of 2023 or 2024.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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