Crunchyroll’s Monopoly Anime may not be a good thing

Funimation’s recent mega-merger with Crunchyroll, under the ownership of Sony Pictures, is what makes Crunchyroll now the largest licensed anime streaming service for Westerners. Compared to the likes of Hulu or Netflix, which each have around 200-300 anime titles, Crunchyroll has about 1,300 titles available.

In many ways, the combination of Funimation can be considered. After all, why seek and pay for two different services when you can only pay for one that has most of the same names? On the other hand, would it be a good idea to have a “combined anime name information”, or are there some shortcomings to consider?

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While many anime viewers are excited about the idea of ​​setting up their online anime library or paying for a streaming service that is less expensive than ever before, there aren’t many Everything about this move will have a positive effect on other fans – even the Crunchyroll. it is currently the only anime-specific streaming site based in the United States.

One of the biggest worries is that all the titles found on Funimation will not be moved to Crunchyroll. Although about 80% of Funimation’s data is expected to change by the end of March 2022, this will still leave reports and/or specific data in the cold. For example, Crunchyroll’s own companies have seen complaints about the preference of missing titles such as Other Serial Trials a Baka and tryor titles that can be viewed with words but not translated into English (One piece, bleach, Dragon Ball Super).

There is something about the price. Funimation subscription plans are US $ 5.99 per month for a Premium plan or $ 7.99 per month for Premium Plus. In comparison, Crunchyroll – which quickly ended its free advertising campaign for innovation and continuity after the merger – cost more: customers paid less. US $ 8 per month (Fan Plan) to $ 15 per month (Ultimate. Fan). While Crunchyroll’s own pricing strategy hasn’t changed since the merger, not all fans have had enough money to pay.

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This area is important, as it costs more than some non-professionals to set aside about $ 20-30 a year if they want to get into the kind of titles previously offered by Funimation. . Looking at the bigger picture, this is more than likely to lead some viewers to flow out of what the law has for them. This may not be good for Crunchyroll, but it’s even better for the entire anime industry, which was first known for its piracy issues.

Accessibility is a big problem for fans living outside the US and the English -speaking world, especially for those living in places like Africa and Asia. This is a problem that Funimation has a bigger deal with Crunchyroll, not only because of the reported price increase.

Crunchyroll manages a lot of land, but many others are left in part or in part due to licensing issues. Westerners living in Japan (ironically) cannot attend Crunchyroll. Not all or all of Crunchyroll’s listings include China, Australia, New Zealand and most countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East – and not everyone has the money or the knowledge how to install VPNs. Its use shall not be permitted or prohibited in Iraq, Iran, China and Russia, among other countries.

In short, and surprisingly, Funimation’s partnership with Crunchyroll reinforces the idea that commercial monopolies don’t have to be good for consumers, much less. Health competition often promotes improved services, but a lack of competition often results in low availability and high costs. This move may not hurt everyone, but those living outside the U.S. and / or with limited financial resources may not be as lucky, as possible. many of the problems the anime industry faces are related to piracy.

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