Creator Diablo praised Vampire Survivors, he wanted to make his own little games.

Diablo creator and Blizzard North co-founder David Brevik is a huge fan of the viral puzzle game Vampire Survivors, which quickly took to Steam and at the same time fueled Brevik’s imagination. to do his little games.

Vampire Survivors is a hacked rogue character where you slash thousands of ghouls, goblins, bats, and other monsters that only use the power of WASD – as well as some Castlevania weapons. -esque you collect, improve, and burn quickly as you move. around. I immediately joined him when I tried it last Februaryand since its inception in December 2021, it has received more than 71,000 excellent reviews. in the steam While it is in Early Access, most of it has been poured in the past two months.

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