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of the pulupulu A lizard is nothing if it is not a living thing. First seen in 1991, pulupulu He introduced the shooting technique to a little witch with a side, a little more fairy sidekick, and he never lost that. The 1990s brought sequels and ports, followed by nearly two years of dormancy after a lack of availability. Punapuu Anuenue. However, Success never forgot the games, and last year saw a remake of the original game and a re -release of the game. pulupulu 2, Boomerang groupa Panorama Cotton. But for those who are looking for another game to show us why the lizard continues, there is Cotton Fantasy: The dreams of the night.

The kingdom called Fairyland is in dire straits, due in part to the lack of Willow Candy. Wanting to help, the little Silk fairy saw a story that foretold the appearance of a healer dressed in blue. This could refer only to Princess Nausi… er, the magician dressed in blue Cotton. Silica is looking for him intently, even though Cotton is manic, abusive, hungry for Willow lights. But she was the best hope for Fairyland, so she set up with Silk afterwards. It’s a simple story, and that’s all in it Short Fantasy: No matter what you choose, you will follow the cotton and Silk in the cuts.

It doesn’t detract from the overall intensity of the game, it’s the line of variety. Cotton has the usual way of firing straight arrows, with colored stones providing three types of magic. These stones could be shot to change their object, and Cotton could take three of them, releasing a kind of evil by sacrificing a single pearl. Appli, Cotton’s rival, has similar powers but has the same ability to capture and throw enemies as he does. pulupulu 2.

If Cotton and Appli were the regular shooters, they had more wins than that with the rest of the cast. Kawase mai ka Umihara Kawase The series has its own grappling marker line and enemy throwing powers similar to Appli’s. Luffee from the mystery RPG Doki Doki Poyatchio it has a paid laser attack. Fine took his motivation away from the shooter Sanvein and so projectiles were attacked, a short sword, and a new way of taking misfortune: instead of losing life, he lost time, and he had to replenish it. to his counter by collecting crystals. The most interesting part of the first set is Ria, a powerful anime-girl from the island Psyvariar. He uses the game’s “buzzing” machine to pay him to get as close to the projectiles as possible.

Short Fantasy give plenty of time to experiment with these techniques. The first levels will explore the progress of fantasy backdrops and major enemies, but after that you will see a selection of levels to watch out for in the selection process. Someone has a huge airship flying in and out of sight when our heroine completes her armies. Some dive into the Egyptian cemetery (a courtesy report from Lifeforce for the NES) where blocks and traps are often seen as dogs and ghosts. Then there’s the ascent to an outside warship, full of Gundam-such as improving weapons for a broomstick-holing magician.

As a 2-D shooter, Short Fantasy It’s easy at first, but as the levels get more interesting, so does the type of attack and the damage of the bullets that will come your way. Destroyers dive around the screen, change their form, and go back if you can’t destroy them quickly. It encourages players to create their chosen style, using their powers to dodge bullets and reduce enemies to as many bad bonus trinkets as possible.

What a pity Short Fantasy It will not be difficult in any of this. There is no limit to perseverance and forgiveness, returning players to action with their set points as a penalty. This is common among shooters these days, and it requires a poor choice: to practice constantly and try to finish the game on credit, or continue with no consequences. really, make your way more aggressive than a boss or obstacle. A system that keeps players back at the beginning of a level or more than half as good, but Cotton Fantasy wants an all-or-nothing way to satisfy tough players. only accustomed to dealing with their own problems.

However, there are enough cleverly arranged enemy projectiles in the game and level settings to improve the return trips without any real difficulty. Bring different characters with new opportunities to try and see levels that are easier (and more difficult) depending on your chosen heroine. Appli and Kawase’s catches and throws make the game uncomfortable, but Rin is probably the most fun; by consuming enemy fire he was given a short period of time and enlarged the shots, turning the usual effort of deflecting the bullet into an independent action.

Short Fantasy also has a colorful anime photo of its original creation. The levels are fun and bright (even when setting up at night), and they differ in their way of going through the roll and the enemy types, only to confuse a part of your character. Some high-altitude levels, featuring heroines flying in 3-D space like Star Fox or Space Harrier, fully show the bonus key to collect. It’s a little annoying that only the non-enemy interludes are better than the full shooting levels, but Success may be scared to remember the series-crippling long-running fans. Punapuu Anuenue instead of being well -received Panorama Cotton.

The levels bring a lot of talk from the photos, even though the only stories are for Cotton and Silk. Their story is intriguing and familiar, while it’s fun to see Cotton’s passion for Willow’s actions going to a level of addiction that doesn’t go out of place. The train or Requiem for a dream.

A single game of Short Fantasy It’s not long, but there’s plenty to unravel, from the different levels to a game -changing version of the game’s villain. It’s not as much fun to hit the levels as it is to return them in different ways. It is not fair in its balance, for some things are easier to take harm or harder to tell the enemy and what is not, but it is worth seeking.

Cotton Fantasy is a great recovery: it brings back all the energy of previous games and borrowing new ideas from other titles that Success can have. Everything is a continuous system, but it becomes a problem when you see the game is not as a test of endurance or skill because it is a playground, a vacation spot that needs to be taken often with new friends for a ride. . That’s a little weird to have in a shooting game, and it does Short Fantasy it’s a fun situation in a field.

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