Chapter 5 – O son Kongming!

So the trust issues between Kongming and Eiko seem to have been largely resolved by their commitment to each other during last week’s event. This was opened up with Eiko knowing that he understood the regular trips Kongming had to make for his own good, in this particular case, to see the rapper he had claimed to be a supporter of the keeping that 100,000 Likes. Of course, there is a level of uncertainty about the subject Kind of kind The rapper would bring him on board, but acting as a car to reflect on the jokes led by that Wacky Zhuge Liang was one of the reasons he came. to us. Yes Boy Kongming!, Isn’t it? And it continues to feed the show’s style of movement, with us and the characters in the story exploring the style of Kongming’s design.

With that in mind, it’s therefore easy to twist most of this piece to look at a new way to fill that presumptive rap role. Completely changing games like this could be a gamble in a series where the first challenge was made in the chemistry of its specific directors, but the main strength of this anime so far is that I think he has a kind of faith in his story. Kongming and Eiko have each other. It is also helpful to have the story for the newcomer featured here to be interesting in itself which is considered worth following, with the bonus that we see. why we are following it now.

And hey, the truth of the matter is that it’s kind of new to the beginning here’s something else to like about the bar. Join Kabetaijin: A wicked, consecrated, tired, tired man’s sleep, he’s a good sleeper for 2022. And according to Kongming’s plans in the legends of the pieces, the write as we see Kabe here. We know him. See, opening him up while he was rehearsing his free songs under his breath, playing the signs he could see and the parts of the conversation he heard, see Seems to be some kind of constant rap competition, all sorts of eye -popping skills. Kongming may be looking to join his band. But while he was talking to the others, we saw that he was really Kabe petrified with the intention of engaging in public action. He quickly connects his previous actions with some of the similarities we see him trying to write a letter to his mother: He also, while struggling with labor, it’s true. bye The skill of rapping, he couldn’t finish it if he tried.

Kabe’s argument with the limits of his stomach because of his ability to sound messages related to Eiko’s trust problems, and having to do some interesting chemistry when the two are together. and Kongming. But that’s just the small arc we have to follow Kabe for this event because of the strengthening of the code. It’s not just a matter of his desire to win, to fight rap battles for fame – As it turns out, a man has a real love of art, and even many of his opponents shown to win over. The field has a good appreciation for his abilities and how to navigate them. But, like most people, her cringe-ass body doesn’t meet the demands of constantly working under such extreme conditions. It’s a wise thing to have Kabe’s teammates like the Sekitoba Kung Fu called Sekitoba Kung Fu show up with a real motivation of it (even if it’s kind of hard for them to go to. before the importance of Kabe) Kabe was his own enemy in the form of withdrawal from work. She makes the first impression with Eiko that sometimes we need a new friend / teacher to help us leave our own path.

Enter, as usual, Kongming. His going after this part of his personal story plays out in the continuation of his own life, more so in comparison to the local game that we have followed Kabe to this day. So he’s just walking into Kongming sitting in a laundromat with a tracksuit, which is the kind of music series we think of from this group, pulled like we got in that ‘normal’ part of the fence. But that’s the main idea of ​​the amazing outcome that will be needed to help Kabe out. Not enough of his fellow rappers are encouraging him, but the three -national time planner told Sun Tzu that’s what he needs. Part of the set -up’s appeal here is that it’s been revealed before those who are wondering what’s to come, even with the expectation that Kabe will enter a rap battle with Kongming on him. down. The designer actually creates a serious first project; I like to use the sounds of the washing machines as a backdrop, since, as Kabe said, sutra is more important than rap. He’s the genius after all, and at this early stage, to show us how Kongming works.

Our hero was able to evoke Kabe’s love of his own rap, and we could see the feeling as his stomach began to ache at being able to no being asked to be competitive, compared to his or her initial fear of entering. For all the personal and professional activities we see in defining his own character, the story is directed about how Kongming presents himself as a person. unshakable trust, unlike a lot of that kind of thing he’s trying to give to the likes of Eiko and Kabe. It might be considered if you have a historical image with your own Wikipedia page, but as the success of this section demonstrates, it’s a good resource to use and not have to hold someone proud, but, trying hard. to share that testimony with those he or she has seen in action.


Yes Boy Kongming! running on HIDIVE right now.

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