Chapter 354 describes Dabi’s impact on the Hawks ’Quirk

NOTICE: This post has the irons for My Hero Academia Chapter 354!

The latest chapter of the famous anime shonen, My Hero Academia confirm what the Hawks got after the attack on the Shigaraki headquarters.

Chapter 354 confirmed what happened to the Hawks after the fight with Dabi

In the ʻO Tartarus escapees Arc, we can remember that Hawks and Dabi went first. The Hawks are the strongest behind the top hero, Endeavor. In comparison, Dabi’s blue flames are hotter than Endeavor’s. Therefore, their competition in that battle was no other than strength.

Fortunately, the Hawks were able to get out of a stable position. However, the damage Dabi had on him was tragic. And in Chapter 354, All For One, it shows the magnitude of that damage.

The Hawks and Endeavor duo are battling All For One when All For One says the following:

“Recovery girl can’t help you get your wings back fully. Only with those prosthetics can you get this fast.

All For One said this while preventing an attack from the Hawks, mocking him for his speed. Along these lines, we can truly say that Dabi did an irreparable damage to the Hawks.

After what All For One said, the Hawks can work long hours on its wings. This is a sad report indeed My Hero Academia Fans like the Hawks are some of the most popular on the show, and their big red wings are her hallmark. The pain was so great that Recovery Girl couldn’t help her rebuild them in full.

The chapter is not mentioned, but prosthetic wings may be the concern of those in the Support Board. The Hawks might change his new wings. We saw another prosthetic user in this latest arc in the form of Bunny Hero, Mirko. Despite the setback in the Hawks, he and Endeavor continue to battle with the main contender of My Hero Academia.


Who are the Hawks of my Hero Academia?

Takami Keigo, better known as the Wing Hero, Hawks, is the No. 3 Pro Hero formerly and now the No. 2 Pro Hero.

Keigo’s quirk, Fierce Wings, is that he can control his feathers on the phone. He can shoot them at enemies like projectiles and also use his plumes as weapons. With them, he was one of the fastest pro fighters. Fighting with a high mutated Nomu, Keigo was able to demonstrate his amazing speed, even though Endeavor was unable to keep up with him.

It has long, strong feathers that can cut things or take away trash or valuables. But his quirk was also his weakness. The more he melts his feathers, the smaller his wings will be, depending on his ability to fly. When the Hawks use all of their feathers, it takes about two days for it to grow back.

But the biggest weakness of his quirk is fire. And when he faced Dabi at that time, he fought with his real opponent. Although stable, its wings can fly easily. And in the last chapter, we saw that Dabi’s fire had almost consumed Hawk’s wings.

From the time her feathers were blown away and she did not live again, she used prosthetic wings as a replacement. The long string that he used as a sword was replaced by two katans that he used in battle.

Keigo has a problem in the past. Her father verbally abused her by hiding her in their house. Because he could not go outside, he thought the heroes he saw on the film were only historians. Despite all the misfortunes he endured, he strived to become better and become a better hero like his character Endeavor.

My Hero Academia will return with its sixth season this October 2022.

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