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During Pride Month, the LGBTQ community is using the platform to party and protest. After all, the group is bigger now than ever before, and LGBTQ people aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves when someone calls them that. in doubt. As the community grew, so did LGBTQ, and the excitement associated with the anime industry.

Movies, music, and television that address LGBTQ themes and genres are in strong forms these days. Anime is doing the same, and over the years, some of the industry has paved the way for queer media as we know it today. So, if you’re looking for new and traditional stories to celebrate Pride Month, we’ve listed some of the best choices below.

Sweet Blue Flower: “Fumi Manjoume is attending Kamakura High School – Matsuoka All -Girls High School. While waiting at the Kamakura campus on the day of her entrance ceremony, she ran into an old friend in “Unseen in 10 years: Akira Okudaira. When their relationship re -awakens and they start to fall back on the sound of friends, it begins a love story.”

Yuri on the snow: “Yuri Katsuki carried the hopes of all of Japan on his shoulders at the Figure Skating Grand Prix, but he still managed to win the final. That’s when the five -time world champion immediately showed up. time, Victor Nikiforov, along with his teammate, Yuri Plisetsky, a young man who is starting to be better than his predecessors, will compete in a Grand Prix like nothing the world has ever seen! “

Citrus: “Yuzu, a high school gyaru who didn’t know her first love, switched to a girls’ school after her mother remarried. The first day, she met with the student council president May is beautiful in the worst possible way. The romantic relationship between the two polar opposing high school girls has begun to find themselves drawn to each other! “

Princess Knight: “Based in an ancient fairy tale, Princess Knight is the story of a young Sapphire girl named Sapphire who must be like a prince who can inherit the throne. Not weakened. and he accepted the responsibility, becoming a hero of public pride. “

Cheers: “Izumi was born into a famous family. His father was a singer, his mother was a painter, his older brother was the vocal director for the famous Crashers. Izumi himself was a high school student. Just nerdy. She loves manga. “Magical Girl Lala Lulu” and dreams of becoming a manga writer herself. She ate a dress. As it turned out, they had met ten years ago. And Ryoma would not change her mind when she saw that Izumi was a boy. “

Sasaki and Miyano: “Miyano spent his days reading the manga Boys’ Love and worried about the delicate features of his faces. His world of story became a reality as he was guided in high school Sasaki is in the middle of a fight.Now, Sasaki wants to.Send every time he can to see Miyano.

Flowers in you: “Yuu always dreamed of having a loved one but did not think when the child would give it to him. With confusion, he started his first year of high school ‘ to meet Touko. Is Yuu’s heart flying? “

Wandering Son: “Nitori Shuichi had a boy who saw himself as a girl. He attended a new elementary school, and there he met Takatsuki Yoshino, a tall and handsome young girl, and he also dreamed of being a man. . “

Banana fish: “New York City, 1985. A dead man left male gang leader Ash Lynx with another drug, shooting something called” Banana Fish “.fight fight with mafia over taking care of medicine. “

Daughter of Kipi Utena: “When Utena was a child in sorrow, he found life in those words. These are the words of the prince, who gave him the ring and the promise to lead him again. Now that Utena was a young man, Utena attended Ohtori Academy, but his strong sense of war immediately freed him from the student body and put him to death. him in a kind of mysterious and terrible duels against his members. “

Who is the anime story you are playing this Pride month? Do you have any ideas for other fans? Tell us in the comments below!


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